Why develop with Couchbase?

Couchbase is an award-winning distributed NoSQL cloud database that delivers unmatched versatility, performance, scalability, and financial value for all of your cloud, mobile, on-premises, hybrid, distributed cloud, and edge computing applications.


JSON means your data can adapt to agile workflows and changing requirements. Multi-model means you can consolidate multiple data technologies into one Couchbase database.

  • Human-readable JSON standard data
  • Key-value, SQL++, indexing, full-text search, analytics, and eventing all built in
  • Flexible modeling and access that enables iterative, agile development cycles
agile sync seamless data sharing


Couchbase has a built-in managed cache to enable a memory-first architecture. Read and write operations run at the speed of RAM.

  • Microsecond latency and lightning-fast performance
  • Easy scale-out to accommodate your growing workloads
  • Automatic sharding, automatic failover, and automatic replication
agile sync seamless data sharing


Couchbase brings together the best of NoSQL document databases and relational databases.

  • SQL++ engine enables SQL queries on JSON data
  • ACID transactions in SDKs and in SQL++ for enhanced data consistency
  • Scopes and collections provide data organization levels similar to relational schemas and tables
  • SDKs in 11+ languages plus a variety of extensions and integrations
agile sync seamless data sharing

Distributed Database Architecture

Inside Capella is Couchbase, the fast, feature-rich distributed NoSQL database that combines the flexibility of JSON documents with unmatched speed and scale in a modern cloud database platform.

Couchbase Server Inside

High-performance distributed database

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Couchbase Capella

Fully-managed Database-as-a-Service

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Autonomous Operator

Self-managed deployment with Kubernetes

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Couchbase Mobile and App Services

Edge and Mobile Sync services

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MongoDB™ Atlas vs. Couchbase Capella

See how Couchbase Capella beats competitors

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The Modern Cloud Database Platform

Couchbase Capella

Fully Managed in the Cloud

Develop faster and more easily with Capella. Get more features, flexible JSON data modeling, easy SQL access, better performance, and lower TCO.

Couchbase App Services

Edge-ready Mobile Database

Securely sync data from the cloud to the edge to the device. Store, query, search, and analyze data on the device regardless of internet connectivity and experience the advantages of peer-to-peer sync.

Compare Cloud Database Alternatives


Capella’s multi-model capabilities built into a single database platform allow customers to do more with less and save both time and money when compared to DynamoDB.


Capella’s high performance and predictable scale enables customers to use the Couchbase platform for mission-critical applications they’ve never entrusted to others like MongoDB.

Start creating amazing customer experiences today.