What customers are saying

  • “Couchbase is a trifecta of value. We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once.”
    Philip Lupercio, VP of Technology, BroadJump
    50% reduction in overall storage needs
    500% improvement in query performance
  • “Couchbase has never failed us or our customers.”
    Dmitri Lihhatsov, Financial Crime Product Owner, Revolut
    $3M+ saved with Couchbase
    96% of fraudulent transactions caught
  • “With less than half the servers, we’re able to increase performance and gain a much better, scalable architecture.”
    Amir Ish-Shalom, Senior Director of Operations and Chief Architect, Viber
    60% reduction in total servers (300+ to 120)
    15 billion calling and messaging events per day with Couchbase

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Help dev teams evolve quickly and modernize custom applications while reducing TCO. Couchbase Capella™ is a modern distributed multi-model NoSQL DBaaS designed with a flexible JSON data model at its core. This whitepaper explains how Capella lets you solve cost and productivity challenges at the same time.

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