Couchbase Introduces a New AI Cloud Service, Capella iQ

Need a productivity boost? Try chatting with Capella iQ, our AI cloud service. Capella iQ is a generative AI-powered coding assistant that’s built into the Capella Workbench to help developers instantly become more productive.

Couchbase is the data platform for AI-powered applications. Learn how customers are already using it to perform real-time predictions.

Capella iQ improves developer productivity

Developers can converse with the Capella iQ coding assistant to create datasets, compose SQL++ queries, build indexes, define text searches, write application-specific code, and build and run functional test cases.

iQ is an AI cloud service

Developers have natural language conversations with Capella iQ. It can suggest common prompts, and it knows Couchbase-specific context such as database, collection, and index definitions. iQ is powered by ChatGPT, and will soon let the developer pick the LLM.

JSON is AI’s data format

Prompt engineering is a fast-growing field of expertise, and JSON is an ideal format for storing both data and metadata designed to feed prompts. JSON can also store conversation context from session to session, and JSON arrays can hold vector embedding data.

Data complexity is AI’s enemy

AI needs a clean data architecture to improve accuracy, so Couchbase strongly believes that vector search will become a standard feature of multi-model databases. Data architectures that use multiple, specialized databases create unwanted complexity for AI.

Capella iQ in action

“Create JSON data”

Use Capella iQ to create sample JSON datasets to accelerate your project.

“Make 3 of these with real-sounding names”

Improve your prompt results by reminding the LMM to keep it real.

“Show me a SQL++ query that gets favorite colors by customer name”

Improve the accuracy of results by adding additional context to the prompt.

“Show me a simple Python app to retrieves this data”

Capella iQ knows both Couchbase-specific and language specific programming languages.