Capella iQ improves developer productivity

Developers can converse with the Capella iQ coding assistant to create datasets, compose SQL++ queries, build indexes, define text searches, write application-specific code, and build and run functional test cases.

Capella iQ in action

Capella iQ appears within the Query Workbench and within VsCode and JetBrains IDEs to make interacting with Couchbase even easier.

Create sample JSON data

Use Capella iQ to create sample JSON docs to accelerate your project.

Have iQ create you a query

Have Capella iQ help write SQL queries from text like “Find the top 10 overall related hotels. Use average overall rating across all ratings of the given hotel document."

iQ can help you build indexes

iQ suggests and builds the right indexes to reduce query times.

Generate SDK-specific program

iQ assists in creating code for application development around the query. Supporting: C, .NET, Go. Java, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala.

Start building

Check out our developer portal to explore NoSQL, browse resources, and take Couchbase for a spin in our playground.

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