Performance and flexibility for adaptive applications

Slow applications lose customers. A flexible multipurpose database is foundational to high performance on a global scale – and to building AI-powered applications that offer personalized customer experiences. 


What customers are saying

  • “We looked at Cassandra, we looked at Mongo. We found Couchbase replication technology across data centers superior, especially for large workloads.”
    Claus Moldt , CIO, FICO
    <1 MS response times
    24x365 application uptime
  • "Couchbase is a trifecta of value. We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once."
    Philip Lupercio, VP of Technology, BroadJump
    50% reduction in overall storage needs
    500% improved query performance
  • "Couchbase is easy to manage – you can effortlessly scale horizontally, or build additional machines. We don’t have to do anything additional or worry about anything."
    Jesus de los Buels, Software Development Manager, Carrefour
    20,000 operations per second
    4x normal workload spikes supported

Domino’s delivers personalized marketing campaigns with Couchbase

18,000 stores in over 90 countries means 500M+ unique customer interactions every day. Domino’s targets customers with promotional offers in hours (not weeks), using unified real-time data – and teams can pull directly from a single central repository without having to submit a request to a database team.

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