Why Couchbase?

Couchbase is an award-winning distributed NoSQL cloud database that delivers unmatched versatility, performance, scalability, and financial value for all of your cloud, mobile, AI, and edge computing applications. Couchbase embraces AI with coding assistance for developers, and vector search for their applications.

High performance to lower TCO

Couchbase offers impressive memory-first performance for your important applications. And, workloads can be performance-tuned for each application which can dramatically lower operating costs.

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const bucket = cluster.bucket('travel.sample');
const collection = bucket.defaultCollection();
await collection.upsert('user_1024', {
    'name' : 'Don Chamberlin',
    'tags' : ['SQL', 'SQL++']
const result = await collection.get('user_1024');

Couchbase Capella combines the schema flexibility of JSON documents with the ease of AI-assisted coding to help developers build distributed, transactional applications in their favorite languages.

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    COUNT(r.airline) AS numberOfRoutes
FROM 'travel-sample'. inventory.route AS r
JOIN 'travel-sample'. inventory.route AS a ON KEYS r.airlineid 
WHERE a.country = "United States"
GROUP BY a.name
ORDER BY numberOfRoutes DESC;
Versatility without complexity

Couchbase does the work of multiple databases, including key-value, JSON, SQL, text and vector search, graph, time-series, eventing, and analytics. This simplifies your data architecture without sacrificing features for your AI-powered adaptive application.

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// key/value
await collection.upsert('destination:1000', { name: 'Paris' });
// full text search
const result =  await cluster.searchQuery("travel-fts-index",
    couchbase.SearchQuery.match('Eiffel Tower'), { limit: 10 }
// SQL++
const sqlQuery = 'SELECT name FROM `travel` WHERE country = "France"';
const sqlResult = await cluster