On the MongoDB earnings call last week, president and CEO Dev Ittycheria gave some huge forward guidance – he’s betting big on mobile, 5G, and edge computing.

One of the killer features that we will be [releasing next year, is] very sophisticated data synchronization capabilities between the client and the back end. That is one of the hardest problems for developers to solve.

MongoDB acquired their new sync and embedded database capabilities with the purchase of Realm last year. With a lot of the future database market value coming from mobile, 5G, and edge computing, they were looking to participate in a big way.

And we’re really bullish on the mobile space because with the advent of 5G and other related technologies, we see that mobile apps will become even more mission-critical, have much more rich features, streaming types of data and so forth that will require a very sophisticated platform to support.

Sync between the client and back end is a killer database platform feature – it enables mission-critical mobile and edge compute applications with consistent response times under 10ms and reliability up to 100%. And while this is one of the hardest problems for developers to solve on their own, there are mature options in the market that make it much easier.

The first mobile sync offering in the NoSQL database space came in 2014 from Couchbase. We released Couchbase Mobile with an embedded NoSQL database, secure web-gateway, and synchronization with Couchbase Server – creating a fully integrated, enterprise grade, database platform that spans the cloud and edge. Since then, Couchbase has grown to become a popular choice for many innovative large enterprises and small startups – enabling the fastest and most reliable applications and systems with easy synchronization between the client and the back end.

Here are some of my favorite customer stories from the last few years:

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)

A major obstacle to optimized treatment of Type 2 diabetes is the lack of data. BD’s innovative solution is a mobile patient app and clinician portal built on Couchbase and Couchbase Mobile. The solution connects medical devices with a mobile app to automatically log real-time data on patients and give them custom alerts and recommendations. Doctors also use the data to determine the best course of treatment. Couchbase enables the app to work offline and securely syncs patient data from device to cloud. Learn More


Leading utility company PG&E has more than 16 million customers and 20,000 employees. To work effectively over a huge geographic area, the company needs to provide PG&E gas and electric power inspectors in the field with real-time data, such as customer account information, utility infrastructure maps, and safety information. With Couchbase, the company can connect its teams with this data, whether they’re offline or online, while improving service and lowering the cost of field visits. Learn More

Tommy Hilfiger

A global apparel and retail company that delivers premium styling, quality, and value via an extensive distribution network and more than 1,800 retail stores worldwide. In 2015 the company revolutionized the fashion industry by launching their first of many digital showrooms. Powered by Couchbase, these showrooms allow Tommy Hilfiger to sell to wholesalers anywhere while minimizing the time and expense of producing and shipping samples. Couchbase ensures high performance and scalability, offline availability, and near real-time data synchronization for a smooth, immersive showroom experience that works flawlessly even if the internet goes down. Learn More


Coyote is Europe’s leading provider of real-time road information for drivers. When they wanted to provide personalized dashboards to increase membership and engagement, they also needed a new data platform that provided scalable real-time performance. And it had to work for millions of users who often had no internet connection while driving. Couchbase offered the end-to-end cloud-ready solution Coyote needed to launch their new service quickly and grow it seamlessly. Learn More


Doddle was founded to provide online shoppers with convenient places to pick up and return their packages. Doddle’s original database solution was expensive and hard to deploy – but even worse, it performed poorly when network connections were spotty. Couchbase Mobile was affordable, easier to deploy, and its embedded database kept Doddle’s apps working even when they went offline. Today, Doddle uses the same Couchbase technology to provide retailers with white-label solutions for click and collect, ship-from store, and returns. Learn More

The mobile, 5G, and edge computing database space is really heating up and there are a few things I know for sure – future applications and systems are going to be blazing fast and unbelievably reliable. I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

For more information on Couchbase’s mobile, 5G, and edge computing products and architecture, check out the following:


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Wayne Carter is Vice President, Engineering at Couchbase, where he is responsible for leading the vision, strategy, and development for the company's mobile, IoT, and edge computing solutions. Before joining Couchbase, Wayne worked as a leader, architect, and engineer at Oracle and Siebel Systems.

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