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Doddle Case Study - Converting browsers into shoppers with click and collect

Doddle was founded to provide online shoppers with convenient places to pick up and return their packages. Doddle’s original database solution was expensive and hard to deploy – but even worse, it performed poorly when network connections were spotty. Couchbase Mobile was affordable, easier to deploy, and its embedded database (Couchbase Lite) kept Doddle’s apps working even when they went offline. Today, Doddle uses the same Couchbase technology to provide retailers with white-label solutions for click and collect, ship-from store, and returns.

About Doddle Case Study


    • Original database solution was expensive and hard to deploy
    • Employees have to be able to manage pickups and returns regardless of network connection
    • Data synchronization has to be easy after a store goes offline
    • Access control is required in order to secure customer data


    • Couchbase Mobile is affordable and easy to deploy
    • The Couchbase Lite embedded database stores data locally, so it works even without a connection
    • Couchbase Lite automatically syncs with Couchbase Server
    • Sync Gateway makes it simple to regulate what data individual employees can access
Couchbase has engaged really well with us. We have been impressed with that, and it’s felt like a rapid move through the gears.

Gary O’Connor CTO, Doddle

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  • User profile database
  • Asset/resource management
  • Field enablement
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.

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