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Designed for developers, Test-Drive instantly gets you hands-on with Couchbase Capella, the world’s most powerful Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). This course will enable you to build your applications faster than ever before.

Course highlights

We'll help you set up your cloud account, organize your data, use our AI-powered coding assistant to build apps, and navigate our resources to advance your NoSQL skills.

Get started: Capella basics
  • Set up a cloud account
  • Import relational data and model in NoSQL
  • Create buckets, documents, queries, and indexes
  • Create SQL for JSON using Capella’s native SQL++
Develop: Code and build for AI
  • Use Capella iQ, our AI-powered coding assistant, to write app-specific code and address functional use cases
  • Create similarity and hybrid searches by combining text, range, geospatial, and vector search functionalities
  • Use Couchbase SDKs
  • Build AI applications using vector search
Next steps: Grow and learn
  • Learn how to navigate Couchbase Academy
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