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Build and deliver apps that work all the time, even without a network connection

Offline first

Couchbase Lite ensures that apps are always available regardless of network connections. Data is stored and processed when offline, and synchronized with backend data centers or Capella App Services when connectivity is available.

Developer friendly

Develop faster with full SQL support, simple-to-use APIs for database CRUD, full-text search (FTS) and query operations, and comprehensive platform and language support. Schema-less JSON format simplifies app upgrades without requiring tedious data migration.


Couchbase Lite has a small footprint, ranging from 1MB – 5MB depending on the platform. It’s well-suited for resource-constrained mobile and embedded devices.

Multiplatform support

Support for mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. Develop desktop and web server apps with our .NET and Java libraries. C-API support allows developers to build applications in C that run on nearly any embedded platform.

Related features and capabilities

SQL query

Developers leverage familiar SQL syntax, and can reuse the same queries across platforms and Couchbase Server and Couchbase Lite, reducing the effort required to develop, test, and optimize queries.

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Full-text search

There's no need to integrate search technology to your apps, full-text search is built-in to Couchbase Lite, making it easy to build compelling user experiences and smarter, richer mobile and edge applications.

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Peer-to-peer sync

Synchronize data directly between Couchbase Lite devices using peer-to-peer sync without the need for a centralized control point.

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On-device failover

Synchronize data directly between databases on the same device to enable on-device failover and backup.

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On-device encryption

Data is secured on the device using 256-bit AES full database encryption.

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Predictive queries

Use the Predictive Query API to leverage machine learning models within your apps. Enable real-time predictions by analyzing data on-device, at the point of interaction.

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