Couchbase Mobile for Edge Computing

Couchbase Mobile securely syncs data from the cloud to the edge to the device, enabling you to store, query, search, and analyze your data anywhere – regardless of internet connectivity and speed – so your applications are always fast and always on.

Couchbase Mobile 3.1 simplifies apps and makes them more secure, scalable, and efficient

Seamlessly sync from the cloud to the edge

Couchbase Mobile maximizes business uptime, powering applications that are extremely fast, secure, and reliable, even where no internet connection exists. This is because Couchbase can store, process, and synchronize data anywhere – in the cloud, at the edge, and even directly on devices. Apps store and process data at the point of interaction without depending on slow and unreliable internet connections.

To deliver the fastest, most reliable apps possible, you need a database designed for edge computing

Scalable and always fast

Scale the number of edge locations and devices with the flexibility to add capacity in the cloud and at the edge. Data is stored and processed at the edge, closer to the applications that need it, so all access is local and fast.

Resilient sync

Get fast, efficient bidirectional synchronization of data between the cloud and edge devices, between the cloud and edge data centers, and directly between mobile devices. Choose from fully managed sync with Capella App Services, or install and manage Couchbase Sync Gateway yourself.

Enterprise-grade security

Secures data in motion and at rest with encryption and fine grained access control, supports multi-tenant apps and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.

"Only Couchbase supports the distributed model at every tier, from the cloud to the edge, ensuring that critical information never stops moving between the applications and users that need it."

Wayne Carter, Vice President, Engineering, Couchbase


Couchbase Lite

Embedded NoSQL client database with full CRUD, search, peer-to-peer data sync, and SQL query capabilities that runs locally on edge devices such as mobile, desktop, IoT, and custom embedded hardware. Built from the ground up for embedded data storage and processing, Couchbase Lite natively supports all major operating systems and platforms.

Secure Synchronization

Couchbase Mobile includes a secure gateway for data synchronization over the web, with support for authentication, authorization, and fine-grained access control. Synchronization is bi-directional and elastically scalable in real time as capacity demands change throughout the day. Choose from fully managed sync with Capella App Services, or install and manage Couchbase Sync Gateway yourself.

Couchbase Server

Enterprise class database in the cloud. Scale to millions of users with 24x365 uptime. Choose from a fully managed and hosted Database-as-a-Service with Couchbase Capella, or deploy and host your own Couchbase Server.

Sync from the cloud to the edge to the device

Couchbase synchronizes data across the edge computing architecture, supporting up to thousands of edge data centers and millions of devices.


Customer success spotlight

PepsiCo relies on Couchbase to power apps that operate even when offline, and sync in real time when connected, allowing reps in the field to service customers anywhere – regardless of internet speed or connectivity.

See how PepsiCo leverages Couchbase Mobile

Lotum uses Couchbase Mobile to provide a consistent and always-on experience for the millions of monthly active users of their most popular game title. Gamers can play wherever they go, even without internet.

See how Lotum leverages Couchbase Mobile

Maccabi consolidated data across multiple systems into one easy-to-query database for mobile users. Now, 2.3 million customers can manage their healthcare using a single mobile app.

Learn how Maccabi transformed the patient experience
0 slowdowns or offline periods
Improve 60% in user ratings

SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC platform uses a VR headset and tablet to rapidly conduct concussion assessments from anywhere for athletes, soldiers and others who might need immediate medical attention.

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