The Couchbase database is generally available for customers in three varieties across our product line: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and Couchbase Capella (our fully hosted cloud database-as-a-service). Many of our customers begin their Couchbase journey with the Community Edition, running noncritical development, test and production workloads cost free before upgrading for additional features and increased performance to support heavier production workloads as their business grows.

Beyond seeking additional security and performance features, customers often make the decision to upgrade from the Community Edition for reduced risk, eased management efforts and/or to lower their overall TCO, all of which can aid in making the application modernization journey easier. For a detailed breakdown of the differences between Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and Capella, check out our product feature comparison page.

For some examples of Couchbase customers who made the switch from Community Edition to one of our upgraded options, check out the customer journeys below:

Bublup is a productivity platform that allows users to visually organize and share any kind of content, such as documents, photos, videos, links, notes, and checklists, via an easy-to-use  folder system. This customer initially started its Couchbase engagement with the developer community edition, which let the team quickly and easily start building the application. After seeing success and reaching new scalability heights, they migrated to the enterprise edition at compelling price performance. Upon migrating, Bublup was able to scale according to the needs of its user base and maintain a reliable level of data control that met business requirements as app adoption grew from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Quantic is a fast-growing startup on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses streamline their operations by using a full-featured cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform. After starting out on the community edition, Quantic turned to Capella for a simple yet powerful way to keep pace with an expanding number of customers, products, and features. With Capella, Quantic was able to provide end-users with an always-on, always-fast, seamless experience with the cloud DBaaS’ powerful offline-sync capabilities. Additionally, the team was able to free up developer workloads, save time and reduce costs by leveraging the fully managed DBaaS.

Hammerhead is a technology company whose mission is to unlock people’s athletic potential through cycling with its advanced GPS bike computer, Karoo 2. Hammerhead is another example of a Couchbase customer that started out on the Community Edition and upgraded to Enterprise when it needed a feature set that would allow it to scale more quickly and provide a reliable user experience regardless of internet connectivity. With Couchbase’s enterprise offering, Hammerhead is able to bidirectionally sync data via the cloud regardless of internet connection and achieve highly resilient and error-free version management control throughout rapid, frequent software releases.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network with 930+ million members. After outgrowing Oracle and then Memcached, LinkedIn chose Couchbase over MongoDB and Redis to be the caching solution for its source-of-truth (SoT) data store. Starting out on our Community Edition, LinkedIn made the decision to migrate to Enterprise because of the ease of use and extremely low latency it provided, and has since achieved tremendous performance at scale, averaging <4ms latency for over 2.5 billion items.

To learn more about what our customers are doing with Couchbase check out our customer page or try our 30-day free trial of Couchbase Capella. 


Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Couchbasze

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