MongoDB vs. Couchbase

Customers switching from MongoDB to Couchbase – on premises or in the cloud – consistently cite MongoDB’s poor performance when scaling, extra work integrating technologies, challenging mobile deployments, and cumbersome proprietary query language.


Key features of Couchbase vs. MongoDB

  • What’s included
  • JSON flexibility
  • Built-in cache
  • Mobile, edge, and peer-to-peer sync
  • SQL
  • Built-in full-text search
  • XDCR master-master replication
  • Automatic sharding
  • Masterless shared-nothing architecture
  • ACID transactions
  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Couchbase
  • MongoDB
  • BSON
  • Basic sync, struggles with complexity, no P2P

What customers are saying

  • “We see very consistent 500 microsecond response times from Couchbase even at very large scale.”
    Technical Lead, Cisco
    100B+ user sessions per year
    500 microsecond response times
  • "We found that the replication technology across data centers for Couchbase was superior, especially for large workloads."
    Claus Moldt, CIO, FICO
    <1 ms response times
    24x365 application uptime
  • “With less than half the servers, we can increase performance and gain a much better scalable architecture.”
    Amir Ish-Shalom, Sr. Director of Operations, Viber
    15 billion call and message events/day
    60% reduction in total servers
Code snippet

Comparison of equivalent queries in Couchbase SQL++ and MongoDB's MQL

/* equivalent to the Mongo example */
SELECT SUM(value * volume) AS val, symbol
FROM   db.stocks
WHERE  symbol IN ( "AAPL", "GOOG" ) AND value > 0
GROUP  BY symbol
ORDER  BY val DESC, symbol ASC

// equivalent to the SQL++ example
	 { "$match": {
	 	 "$and": [
	 	 	 {"symbol": {
	 	 	 	 "$in": [
	 	 	 { "value": {
	 	 	 "$gt": 0 }}]}},
	 { "$group": {
	 	 "_id": {
	 	 	 "symbol": "$symbol" },
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": {
	 	 	 "$sum": {
	 	 	 	 "$multiply": [
	 { "$project": {
	 	 "_id": 0,
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": "$sum(value * volume)",
	 	 "symbol": "$_id.symbol"}}
	 { "$sort": {
	 	 "sum(value * volume)": -1,
	 	 "symbol": 1 }}]})

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