Super Bowl LVI is coming up this Sunday, with the Cincinnati Bengals facing off against the Los Angeles Rams on their home turf in Inglewood, California. Over 70,000 fans are expected to descend upon SoFi Stadium to watch the event in person, with tens of millions more expected to watch from their local sports bar or the comfort of their living rooms.

Many folks will watch for the love of the game. Others are only interested in the commercials. And some simply want to enjoy a beer (or two) or indulge in a decadent Super Bowl spread. Whatever the reason, the common thread is the desire for a great experience. That great experience also includes booking a flight to Los Angeles, searching for and finding a hotel room, ordering pizza delivery for your Bowl party, or streaming the game live.

Expectations are high all around for Super Bowl Sunday. Organizations are under tremendous pressure to modernize their applications to satisfy their customers, particularly during key times like the year’s biggest sporting event. And for many organizations, success during the Super Bowl is critical. 

Scaling to win

Our customers often ask us to help them prepare for major events like the Super Bowl, Black Friday, or the World Cup: How can we affordably scale to meet the performance required to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers?

Couchbase is architected specifically to meet the performance demands of mission-critical, modern applications. As a distributed NoSQL database platform with in-memory processing, it can reliably scale to customer needs even at the most stressed times. And now, with Couchbase Capella, our database-as-a-service offering, customers can pair the strengths of Couchbase with the affordability of cloud economics.

Dominos Pizza, for example, takes customer experience very seriously. They connect with their customers in ways beyond simply making great pizza. They want their customers to have a great experience at every step of the journey: from discovery to delivery. For that reason, they chose to invest in Couchbase. 

With Couchbase, Dominos can enhance customer interactions across multiple platforms to deliver personalized experiences for every customer. And on Super Bowl Sunday––their busiest day of the year with over a million pizzas ordered on average––it is mission-critical for Dominos to continue to offer a highly personalized experience at scale. And they can do so by leveraging Couchbase.

Dominos isn’t the only major brand leveraging Couchbase for operations and customer experience. PepsiCo, among many others, also took advantage of our offline-enabled database capabilities to modernize their inventory management.

For our friends over the pond who will be tuning in to watch some American Football, they’ll likely be watching via SKY, Europe’s largest media company and TV broadcaster. SKY uses Couchbase to keep compelling content available during peak demand for over 22 million subscribers, so you can rest assured that you won’t miss any of those key plays. 

As you enjoy many products and services this Sunday, we hope you’ll have as great an experience as possible. Enjoy the game!

Work with us to get started

Your organization can gain the same advantages as these super brands. Want to learn how Couchbase can help your organization deliver an exceptional end-user experience on Super Bowl Sunday and beyond? Check out some of these resources:


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