About Domino's Pizza


    • Marketers didn’t have a development framework that supported multiple campaign initiatives
    • Reduce time to market for innovation
    • Needed a self-service data querying tool


    • Marketers can now create personalized ad hoc campaigns using unified real-time data
    • Domino’s plugged Couchbase directly into their e-commerce platform, eliminating legacy SQL components and increasing agility
    • Teams can pull information directly from a central repository without having to submit a request to a database team
Couchbase gives us the best of all worlds when it comes to managing customer marketing data.

Cliff Miller Enterprise Data Architect, Domino’s

Maccabai logo Use case

  • Session store
  • User profile store
  • Real-time big data
  • Loyalty program
  • Store operations
  • Store locator
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