Power omnichannel experiences

Deliver a consistent, personalized experience across all channels

Capturing all of your customer interactions to build a single view of that customer is challenging, especially with legacy technologies. The Couchbase Data Platform gives you the flexibility to aggregate all forms of data, delivering a single omnichannel view and giving both customers and customer-facing employees fast access for a seamless and more personalized experience.

Fast-changing customer expectations

New technologies are leading to fast-changing customer expectations, which means new, unstructured types of data generated on the fly must be captured and added into existing business and data models.



With Couchbase:
Deliver a seamless experience, at scale


Capture and consolidate customer data across all interactions in real time, and serve up customer data at the point of interaction to provide immediate, personalized experiences for cross sell/upsell and smart product recommendations. Easily add new features and microservices on top of a flexible and scalable data platform.  Couchbase scales in real-time to meet demand.

Partial customer views


If you only have access to a subset of customer activity and data, you can’t deliver a consistent, personalized experience across all channels and devices.


With Couchbase:
Omnichannel customer views


Easily integrate data sources, datasets, and applications to capture the data involved at each digital interaction across every channel, delivering an accurate, real-time view of your customer.


Siloed data

Managing data in disparate systems makes it difficult to access and integrate data. As datasets emerge from increasingly varied sources and grow larger, capturing and storing data in multiple locations becomes more challenging.


With Couchbase: 
Integrate data from multiple sources

Whether it’s from a CRM, mobile app, or e-commerce platform, Couchbase’s flexible JSON storage coupled with N1QL, full-text search, adaptive indexing, and seamless mobile sync allows you to easily integrate all your data sources. Plus, migrate from relational systems with Talend and ODBC/JDBC drivers, and move data to and from with Spark and Kafka connectors.

Industry Use Cases

customer 360

Travel & Hospitality

Power the user experience with flexible preferences, booking options, and recommendations, from the web to the mobile app.

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directv logo


Provide end-to-end customer experience with apps like health activity logging, medical record management, and more.

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Financial Services

Get real-time data for a single view of your customer with apps that power portfolio management, fraud detection, insurance portals, and more.

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Media & Entertainment

Power your messenger app, content entitlements, social gaming, media/content catalog, and real-time viewer tracking to deliver a personalized, cohesive customer experience.

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Reference Architecture



A reference architecture built with the Couchbase Data Platform shows a Customer 360 service that aggregates customer data and stores recommendations, user profiles, session and history data underneath a unified service layer.




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