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Today’s telecommunication providers must manage a staggering amount of data that’s being generated every second of every day, in addition to supporting their OSS, BSS, and OTT applications. Couple that with the pressure to deliver value-add services for customers who can easily switch to a competitor, and you have an application environment that demands speedy, contextualized, and hyper-personalized data, delivered wherever that consumer is located and at any moment. Users are now geographically dispersed and absorbed in their mobile devices while 5G is also enabling micro-edge compute environments everywhere.


Why Couchbase NoSQL for telecommunications

Key features for why telecommunication customers choose Couchbase’s NoSQL database solution for their mission-critical applications.

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Customer testimonials related to telecommunications

  • “There are many key factors that made us choose Couchbase: scalability, high availability, XDCR, flexible schema, and advanced monitoring, to name a few.”
    Krishnan Venkatasubramanian, Head of IT Architecture, Sky
    50% reduction in sign-in time
  • “With a partner like Couchbase working side by side with us building these kind of resilient large solutions, it puts us in a good place to really achieve our goal of a perfect customer experience.”
    Scott Carney, Director of Software Development, Comcast
    40+ million documents
    61K users
  • “We quickly realized that SQL++ offers the flexibility to search with a language that looks 99% the same as SQL. So for all developers, it was an easy transition.”
    Fidencio Garrido, Principal Engineer, DirecTV
    38+ million customers
    3K+ channels of unique content
  • “With less than half the servers, we’re able to increase performance and gain a much better, scalable architecture.”
    Amir Ish-Shalom, Senior Director of Operations and Chief Architect, Viber
    15 billion calling and messaging events per day
    60% reduction in number of total servers
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