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Couchbase’s multipurpose DBaaS provides real-time data processing, flexible models, scalable architecture, high-speed caching, and edge and mobile capabilities. Build AI-enabled applications to improve customer engagement and outcomes.

Customer 360

Top Customer 360 use cases

Couchbase powers customer applications and provides critical insights to provide a 360-degree view of customers across any industry.


AI analyzes past purchases, browsing history, and customer preferences to recommend products the customer is likely to buy.


AI-powered chatbots can handle routine customer service inquiries like balance checks, transaction queries, and service issues, allowing human agents to focus on more complex customer needs.


AI can track patient interactions across various channels like appointments, hotline calls, and web inquiries to provide personalized care and timely follow-ups.


AI models can mitigate churn by identifying customers who are likely to cancel services and enabling targeted interventions to retain them.

Customer 360 FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about using NoSQL databases for Customer 360.

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