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Couchbase Server: NoSQL database – develop with agility, operate at any scale

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What is Couchbase Server?

Couchbase Server is a NoSQL database, which has become the de facto standard for building Systems of Engagement. It is designed with a distributed architecture for performance, scalability, and availability. It enables developers to build applications easier and faster by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON.

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Develop with Agility

Easier, faster development

Iterate faster by leveraging a flexible data model and a powerful query language to write less code, avoid database changes.

Flexible data modeling

Add features by extending the data model to nest or reference data, or by adding new indexes and queries on the same data.

Powerful querying & indexing

Perform complex queries, with or without joins, and benefit from a built-in query editor and schema browser – no code required.

SQL integration & migration

Migrate relational data and queries as is, continue to leverage enterprise BI and reporting tools with full support for SQL.

Big data integration

Integrate with Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop to enrich, distribute, and analyze operational data streams in real time.

Mobile / IoT extensions

Simplify mobile development by leveraging a cross-platform, embedded database with automatic synchronization to the cloud.

Operate at Any Scale

Elastic scalability

Scale easily, efficiently and reliably, from a few nodes to many, one data center to multiple, all with "push button" simplicity.

Consistent high performance

Build responsive applications and support millions of concurrent users by leveraging memory and asynchronous operations.

Always-on availability

Maintain 24x365 uptime by enabling replication and automatic failover, and performing maintenance operations online.

Multi-data center deployment

Operate in multiple geographies to improve performance and availability by enabling cross datacenter replication (XDCR).

Simple & powerful administration

Deploy, manage, and monitor deployments with an integrated admin UI and automated tasks optimized for large deployments.

Enterprise-grade security

Deploy in secure environments by enabling built-in auditing, role-based access control, and encrypted communications.

Transition with Ease

Transition with Ease

The most innovative enterprises are introducing NoSQL to replace or augment legacy databases, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. With Couchbase Server, they get the best of both worlds – the powerful querying and enterprise features of a relational database, combined with the scalability, performance, and flexibility of a NoSQL database.

To make the transition easier, Couchbase Server provides many of the same features found in relational databases.

Found in an RDBMS Provided by Couchbase Server


Express complex queries with N1QL, a declarative query language based on SQL.


Perform left outer and inner joins with N1QL to support relationships.

Schema Browsing

Explore the data model with automatically inferred schemas and sample data.

Query Editing

Create and run queries using a built-in editor with autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

Comprehensive Indexing

Create compound, partial, functional, and covering indexes to improve query performance.

Strong Consistency

Specify read-your-own-writes (RYOW) consistency for queries that require stronger consistency.

Advanced Security

Configure encryption, auditing, role-based access control, and LDAP for secure environments.

Disaster Recovery

Leverage backup/restore tools and built-in cross datacenter replication (XDCR) for disaster recovery.


Actively monitor database state and operations with a complete, integrated admin console.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Meet the requirements of multiple use cases with a single general-purpose database.

Real-time big data

Leverage streaming integration with Hadoop and Storm to support and enable real-time analytics.

Mobile applications

Build mobile apps with offline support via an embedded database and automatic synchronization.

Profile management

Maintain user profiles to support authentication, preferences, and more over multiple channels.

Content management

Manage a variety of static and dynamic content without the limitations of a fixed data model.

Customer 360° view

Aggregate customer information from disparate sources with different schemas within a single database.

Internet of Everything

Collect high volume, high velocity sensor and telemetry data from industrial and consumer devices.

Fraud detection

Enable real-time transaction profiling with low latency access to accounts and fraud detection rules.


Engage customers by providing low latency access to product or service catalogs, online or in-store.


Ingest clickstream data at high throughput to create and refine millions of visitor profiles.

Digital communication

Support real-time interaction and communication with low latency read/write access to messages.



Get Started

Get Started

Download Couchbase Server 4.6 on the getting started page and read the developer guide.