Distributed ACID Transactions for NoSQL Applications

ACID in SQL, at scale with high availability

ACID database transactions in Couchbase SQL++

Couchbase supports distributed multi-document ACID database transactions at scale without sacrificing performance and high availability. Migrate your relational database applications to Couchbase and achieve ACID compliance while taking advantage of rich SQL support.

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What is ACID?

In a database, ACID is an acronym that describes how to process transactions consistently, securely, and reliably:

A Atomicity Update multiple documents with all-or-nothing guarantee.
C Consistency Automatically maintained consistency for replicas, indexes, and XDCR.
I Isolation Read committed isolation for concurrent readers.
D Durability Data protection under failures with tunable durability levels.

Transactions code samples

Here are three code samples of common transaction scenarios. The first is a debit/credit transaction to ensure both accounts are modified or neither is modified. The second is a bulk update of all employees in a department using SQL++ to ensure all employees are updated or none are.

UPDATE customer SET balance = balance + 100 WHERE cid = 4872;
SELECT cid, name, balance  from customer;
UPDATE customer SET balance = balance – 100 WHERE cid = 1924;
SELECT cid, name, balance from customer;
SELECT cid, name, balance from customer;
 // Transfer money from Beth’s account to Andy’s account

transactions.run((txnctx) -> {
var andy = txnctx.get(collection, "Andy");
var andyContent = andy.contentAsObject();
int andyBalance = andyContent.getInt("account_balance");
var beth = txnctx.get(collection, "Beth");
var bethContent = beth.contentAsObject();
int bethBalance = bethContent.getInt("account_balance");

	if (bethBalance > transferAmount) {
		andyContent.put("account_balance", andyBalance + transferAmount);
		txnctx.replace(andy, andyContent);
bethContent.put("account_balance", bethBalance - transferAmount);
txnctx.replace(beth, bethContent);
else throw new InsufficientFunds();  
 // Bulk update salaries of all employees in a department
transactions.run((ctx) -> {

    var auditLine = JsonObject.create().put("content", "Update on 4/20/2020");
    ctx.insert(auditCollection, "Dept10", auditLine);
    ctx.query("UPDATE employees 
               SET salary = salary * 1.1  
               WHERE dept = 10 AND salary < 50000");
    ctx.query("UPDATE department 
               SET status = 'updated'
               WHERE dept = 10");

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