High Performance With Distributed Caching Solutions: Choosing the Right One

3 ways Couchbase outperforms other caching solutions

You've started with a cache, but it won't end there


The requirements of a good caching layer are simplicity and low latency. But serving up data faster from your relational database is only one step toward creating a sustainable and comprehensive solution. Couchbase grows with you to handle more than just caching.

High-performance with distributed caching whitepaper

Source of truth

Once you’re caching your JSON data with Couchbase, you can then start to manage your data in new ways without having to use other database caching products. As your source of truth solution, Couchbase delivers the extremely high levels of durability and reliability required to serve up critical data from multiple sources to your applications. You can use Couchbase to centralize and query your datasets at the same time it’s serving as your cache.

System of record

Maintaining disparate systems for caching, source of truth, and system of record is not a sustainable strategy as your needs grow. Couchbase can readily serve as the authoritative operational datastore you need because it provides ACID transactions with the high level of performance and stability your systems of record require. Key features include SQL-familiar queries, text searches, and deep SQL++ analytics across a range of internal sources.

Core caching features for developing high-performance applications that scale

Develop with agility Couchbase Redis Memcached Oracle Coherence
JSON support Tooltip icon Standard SQL has been extended for JSON-formatted data, query, and analytics to allow developers to use common database skills with Couchbase.
Sub-document access Tooltip icon Developers can access data through a flexible data model that adjusts as needed. A new field can easily be added and then made available to queries.
Real-time analytics Tooltip icon Use SQL++ with our multi-parallel processing analytics service for data-intensive aggregations.
Perform at any scale Couchbase Redis Memcached Oracle Coherence
Secondary indexing Tooltip icon Turbocharge query execution by calling secondary indexes from our SQL++ query language.
Scalability Tooltip icon Applications built on Couchbase deliver the same blazing performance in a multi-node production deployment as they do on a development laptop.
Multi-dimensional scaling for workload isolation Tooltip icon Adding or removing nodes can be done in minutes with push-button simplicity, without any downtime or code changes.
Manage with ease Couchbase Redis Memcached Oracle Coherence
Cross data center replication (XDCR) Tooltip icon Active-active cross data center replication (XDCR) capabilities support varying types of replication topologies.
Container/cloud native Tooltip icon Couchbase Docker containers can be deployed, managed, upgraded, and configured by the Kubernetes-powered Autonomous Operator. Couchbase Cloud uses them too.
High-availability replication and failover Tooltip icon Fault-tolerant Couchbase clusters use built-in cross data center replication (XDCR) to support high availability, disaster recovery, and geographically aware data sovereignty.

Why enterprises choose Couchbase for their caching solutions


LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, has 300M+ members and uses Couchbase for website reliability monitoring. They cache over 8M real-time metrics (12TB+ of data), loading 16M entries into Couchbase every 5 minutes. All in-memory storage in the LinkedIn data center is done by Couchbase.

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Amadeus is the world’s largest processor of travel bookings, managing a 17TB dataset. Amadeus uses Couchbase clusters and cross data center replication to ensure continuous uptime and scale for 100% growth YOY. With Couchbase, Amadeus supports 15 million operations per second, with 2.5 ms response time and five nines of reliability.

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