Enterprise-grade data security in Couchbase

Couchbase Server has a full suite of data security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, and auditing to meet the needs of your most critical and sensitive database workloads.

Deliver value to your customers while ensuring their information is safe

Security key capabilities

The majority of sensitive information is subject to stringent regulations. Couchbase offers a comprehensive array of data security capabilities designed to cater to the demands of your most vital and sensitive database operations.

Easy-to-manage user and application access

Couchbase Server’s secure authentication protocols and role-based access control (RBAC) let you align groups of users in a centrally managed system to control access and permissions. Administrators can use granular controls to follow the principle of least privilege, allowing only the minimal required access without additional risk exposure.

Strong encryption with minimal performance impact

Multiple levels of high-strength encryption protect data at rest, in transit, and in process to meet a wide range of regulatory requirements. Our key security features are available across the entire Couchbase Server set of services to support key-value, OLTP, and OLAP use cases both on premises and when using Couchbase Capella, our SOC 2 compliant DBaaS.

Auditing for rapid situational awareness

Collect and integrate security-related information from Couchbase Server into a corporate SIEM system using a secure REST API and standard JSON data formats. Monitor key system configuration changes and respond to incidents or perform forensic analysis.

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