Creating a unified gaming experience with real-time data

Founded in 2006, Lotum is one of the world’s leading providers of mobile games and apps for iOS, Android, and the Facebook Messenger platform. Lotum prides itself on being a small but mighty team of just 35 people whose creations bring joy to millions of users around the world every day. When Lotum needed a database that would meet their technical requirements as well as reduce their operational costs, the team unanimously chose Couchbase.


About Lotum

800 million

downloads worldwide

10+ million

monthly active users


    • Enable players to switch devices without losing user profile data
    • Synchronization mechanism that worked with Flutter
    • Offline functionality
    • Reliable support


    • The ability to have user data across multiple devices
    • Secure, stable, and scalable synchronization using Sync Gateway
    • A flexible, highly functional, and low maintenance database
With Couchbase, we are able to provide a consistent and aways-on experience for our 10+ million monthly active users across all of their devices.

Lars Schmeller Team Lead, Lotum

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  • Offline first
  • Main data store

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