Device to Device Data Sync with Couchbase Lite

Real-time data sync between devices with or without the internet

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Mobile sync, no internet required

Couchbase Lite is an embedded database with built-in bi-drectional peer-to-peer sync for mobile apps and IoT.

Embedded data processing and device to device sync for 100% uptime and seamless collaboration

Try the sample app

Download the app from the Apple App Store, install it on 2 devices and start syncing data in immediately.

Get the sample app code

Source code for Simple Data Sync is on Github, see how easy it is to enable sync.

Check out the Couchbase Lite docs

Dive in the docs for your mobile platform and programming language.

“Couchbase Lites peer-to-peer sync capability ensures that your mobile and embedded apps can directly sync data and collaborate with each other even without the internet."

Wayne Carter, VP Engineering, Couchbase


Couchbase Lite

Embedded NoSQL client database with full CRUD, search, peer-to-peer data sync, and SQL query capabilities that runs locally on edge devices such as mobile, desktop, IoT, and custom embedded devices. Built from the ground up for embedded data storage and processing, Couchbase Lite natively supports all major operating systems and platforms.

Cloud sync

Couchbase Mobile includes a secure gateway for data synchronization over the web, with support for authentication, authorization, and fine-grained access control. Choose from fully managed sync with Capella App Services, or install and manage Couchbase Sync Gateway yourself.

Sync at the edge

Synchronize data between edge devices without the need for a cloud control point. App users collaborate via peer-to-peer, and synchronize to the cloud when connectivity is available.


Customer success spotlight

The BackpackEMR system uses Couchbase Lite and peer-to-peer sync to bring modern medical care to remote patients at mobile clinics in 19 countries.

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Mobile clinics in 19 countries

SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC platform uses a VR headset and tablet to rapidly conduct concussion assessments from anywhere for athletes, soldiers, and others who might need immediate medical attention.

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Assessments for athletes, soldiers, and others

Emirates architected an end-to-end digitization of their pre-flight check log process that leverages Couchbase for real-time data capture that is shared with multiple stakeholders, even without internet.

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Always on reliability, realtime data sharing, zero internet.

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