Social gaming is a competitive environment. Games must be able to handle large volumes of unpredictable traffic while simultaneously promising zero downtime. For these companies, user retention is critical. Gamers expect to play whenever they want for as long as they want, and have a low tolerance for delays or lag. At the heart of any successful game is a database that maintains reliable uptime, scales in real time to handle millions of users, and provides users a responsive and personalized experience across all devices.

Improving player experience through personalization and availability

Founded in 2006, Lotum is one of the world’s leading providers of mobile games and apps for iOS, Android, and the Facebook Messenger platform. Lotum prides itself on being a small but mighty team of just 48 people whose creations bring joy to millions of users around the world every day.

The company selected Couchbase Capella on GCP to power its most popular mobile game, 4 Pics 1 Word. The most important aspect of any game is its player experience, and with rising expectations and the need for instant gratification, guaranteeing consistent, low-latency data access is critical. Gaming companies also need a 360-degree view of their customers to provide them with real-time, personalized data for achievements, stats, and leaderboards.

User profile data is stored to support multiple services and enable users to play games across different platforms and devices. Capella and App Services deliver this experience for Lotum game users across devices, regardless of network connectivity. This builds loyalty with gamers, as they can expect a consistent and reliable experience every time they play.

Scalability for any level of game popularity with lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Scalability is another key consideration for gaming companies. In the present environment, social games have the potential to go viral at any time. Meeting this spike in demand can be overwhelming for relational databases. Lotum continues to grow at a rapid pace, with 800 million downloads worldwide. Capella is uniquely suited to handle game virality and scales with user demand. Capella delivers database flexibility and offloads database management for developers while the price-performance ROI keeps improving as users scale. Millisecond responses for highly interactive and personalized applications are ensured through Couchbase’s real-time, memory-first architecture.

Couchbase’s powerful query language allows developers to easily query JSON data using familiar, SQL-like expressions. Tightly integrated full-text search, real-time analytics, and powerful eventing services make it easy to add new features to applications on the fly without moving data into and managing dozens of database technologies.

To learn more about Lotum and why gaming companies choose Couchbase and Capella for their applications, please stop by Couchbase booth #S1548 at the Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 20-24, 2023. Read the full press release issued earlier this week here.


Posted by Matt Spillar - Product Marketing Manager

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