I’m excited to announce the release of Couchbase CapellaTM, a database-as-a-service that makes it faster, easier, and more affordable for developers and teams to build enterprise applications.

Over the past decade, there’s been a strong movement of shifting technologies to the cloud. That trend has only accelerated. With fully managed products-as-a-service, customers get benefits like easier accessibility, faster setup time, and more time to focus on higher priority work. A database-as-a-service (DBaaS) is no different.

With Couchbase Capella, you get all the advantages of Couchbase’s modern database – such as the familiarity of SQL, developer agility and industry-leading price-performance – in a hosted DBaaS. Additionally, your team benefits from the latest features of the most recent Couchbase Server release, which fuses the best aspects of relational databases – like SQL queries and distributed ACID transactions – with the flexibility of a modern JSON document database.

Capella’s flexibility supports a broad set of use cases reducing a customer’s need to buy, deploy and manage additional databases or supporting technologies.

Why You Should Try Capella

As easy as SQL

Capella uses SQL to query your data stored within flexible JSON documents. It executes advanced SQL syntax, including JOINs as well as querying, transforming and manipulating data.

With Couchbase Capella, you deploy in a few clicks and are up and running in a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about the standard database management tasks. Capella is designed to make it easy to run multi-cluster, multi-region and multi-cloud databases with high availability all from a single UI pane.

Develop with agility across use cases

Couchbase Capella provides organizations sophisticated multi-model capabilities from a single service. These include JSON document query, relational data structures support, speedy key-value access, multilingual full-text search and real-time analytics.

Capella provides flexibility by supporting operational, transactional and analytical workloads across applications and use cases. Developers and teams access data using one of 10 SDKs with their favorite programming language.

Blazing fast; the lowest TCO at scale

A database, at its core, needs to read and write data quickly. Capella’s real-time, memory-first architecture was designed for and delivers millisecond data response times.

As applications grow in terms of users, data and importance to an organization, the database must keep up with demands and must not break the bank. Capella’s hyper-scalability was designed to do just that, which eliminates the need to re-architect when you scale. Additionally, Capella’s price-performance improves as a system is scaled, driving down TCO. In third-party competitive benchmarks we commissioned, Capella outperforms the competition – dollar for dollar, node for node.

With the introduction of Couchbase Capella, we are delivering to customers the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective route to design and deploy our modern database in the cloud.

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What Makes Capella Different

Whether you’re just getting started designing a new application or need to overcome some large architectural or deployment challenges, there are many great reasons to choose Capella, such as:

    • Familiarity: Take advantage of your team’s skills with the familiarity of SQL – the most well-known database language among developers, architects, DBAs, analysts and support teams. Learn more.
    • Modern: Capella fuses the strengths of a relational database with the agility and performance of a NoSQL database across a broad set of use cases. Learn more.
    • Technology consolidation: Leverage built-in capabilities like caching, relational structure support, full-text search, analytics and eventing from a single vendor. Develop faster as there is less to design, deploy and manage. Learn more.
    • Performance: Capella delivers the industry-leading performance and availability needed for enterprise applications. Learn more.
    • Lower TCO: Capella delivers great price performance and offers licensing flexibility to drive down your total cost of ownership. Learn more.
    • Deployment choices: Use our fully managed service in our cloud or yours; the choice is up to you.

What You Can Expect from Capella

Capella is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to start with Couchbase. This fully-managed DBaaS automates setup, ongoing operations and maintenance so you can focus on development and improve your time to market.

Here’s what you can expect from Couchbase Capella:

    • Fully managed: Automated setup, backups, upgrades and ongoing management to deliver an “always-on” service, reducing your operational efforts.
    • Enterprise-grade performance: Capella’s memory-first, high-performance architecture, which is both masterless and asynchronous, ensures the same lightning-fast results for the millionth user as for the first.
    • Development flexibility: Capella is a JSON document and key-value database at heart, with SQL access and built-in full-text search, eventing and analytics to easily support your many use cases.
    • High availability: Capella guarantees the global reliability of your data throughout regions and availability zones via native replication across geo-aware clusters, all day, every day.
    • Automated scaling in/out and up/down: Easily add, remove or change nodes to meet your current needs. Couchbase rebalances your deployment automatically.
    • Self-monitoring, self-healing: Capella proactively monitors clusters 24×7 to locate, assess and resolve issues automatically.
    • Single pane for multi-cluster, multi-region, multi-cloud: The Capella control plane manages data across clusters and clouds, allowing you to be cloud-provider agnostic.
    • Security peace of mind: Capella delivers end-to-end encryption from the SDK to the disk and offers granular role-based access control with built-in inheritance awareness.

Couchbase Capella is designed to support all phases of application development, from early design to initial deployment and through to mission-critical scaling and availability.

We look forward to seeing what you will build with Capella.

For important information about the product statements made in this blog post, see our Press Release.

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Posted by Scott Anderson

Scott brings more than 20 years of experience in finance, operations, product management, and general management to Couchbase. As SVP of Product Management and Business Operations, he is responsible for driving Couchbase’s product and solution strategy, product roadmap, pricing strategy, competitive strategy, documentation, and development advocacy. Most recently he was SVP and GM of a $1.5B business at Veritas, where he spent 15 years in various positions. Prior to then, he spent eight years at Oracle serving in various finance and business operations roles. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from the University of the Pacific.

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