October is here, which means that we are in the home stretch for Couchbase ConnectONLINE!

We’ve talked a lot about the various sessions that we’re going to have at the free two-day conference including the four main tracks: Developer Experiences, Database Platform Best Practices, All Things Cloud, and Modern Applications & Use Cases.

One of the best parts about attending conferences though, is that you get to hear first hand from customers and partners. You get those real-life use cases and examples that you can relate to as someone who’s tasked with solving complex problems.

Customer Presentations You Can’t Miss

On Day One of Couchbase Connect, you’ll get to hear from our customer, PepsiCo and their journey to inventory management modernization.

Delivering drinks and snacks to consumers requires a complex web of interlocking distribution systems and ever-shifting logistics – something we don’t often think about when we head to a vending machine or stop by a concession stand. In this session, you’ll get to hear about how and why PepsiCo partnered with Couchbase to architect an offline-available solution to enable field sales reps at the edge and in their stores. The session highlights how Couchbase equips enterprises to build complex solutions quickly and provides speed, reliability and agility that modern businesses demand.

You’ll also get to hear from our partner, AWS. This session will highlight how AWS works with technology partners like Couchbase to provide its customers with the best options to meet their requirements and use cases – whether with AWS services or other partner solutions. You’ll get a first-hand look at the partnership as it stands today and how we plan to grow together in the future.

Other Customer Story Highlights

And it doesn’t stop there! We have an amazing panel discussion featuring customers such as UPS and Comcast, who will discuss their journey to modern applications and what it takes from a modern database to run their business-critical apps with no compromises.

You’ll also get to hear from other Couchbase end-users including:

    • Trendyol will discuss how it implemented Couchbase to solve its e-commerce scalability challenges, and how the company migrated from a relational database to Couchbase as a way to improve performance, flexibility and scale.

I’ll See You There

Registration for Couchbase ConnectONLINE is still open – I hope you’ll be able to join us for both days of the conference.

And if you’re a hacker, we’re hosting our first-ever Hackathon where developers can show off their skills by building any app, API or tool using Couchbase and its SDKs. We hope to see you there!

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Posted by John Kreisa, CMO

John Kreisa is the Chief Marketing Officer of Couchbase.

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