The RecyclerView widget is a popular option on the Android platform for efficiently displaying dynamic data collections .Couchbase Lite 2.0 is a powerful NoSQL embedded data store for iOS, Android and .Net Mobile Platforms.

In this post, we introduce a tutorial that will discuss the use of a Couchbase Lite embedded database as a data source for RecyclerView within your Android app.


The tutorial here will walk you through an Android java app that will use Couchbase Lite as a standalone, embedded data store within your mobile app. We will use

App Overview

We will be working with a very simple “University Lister” app.

The app does the following –

  • It displays a list of “university” items in a Recyclerview with Couchbase Lite as the data source.
  • Every time a “University” entry is added to the Couchbase Lite database, the RecyclerView displaying the university items is automatically updated to include the newly added item

Next Steps

At the end of the tutorial, you should have an understanding of how to use a Couchbase Lite database as a data source for RecyclerViews within your Android app. You should also gain familiarity with the fundamentals of using Couchbase Lite’s Database / Document interface.
If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment below or feel free to reach out to me at Twitter @rajagp or email me at The Couchbase Forums are another good place to reach out with questions.



Posted by Priya Rajagopal, Senior Director, Product Management

Priya Rajagopal is a Senior Director of Product Management at Couchbase responsible for developer platforms for the cloud and the edge. She has been professionally developing software for over 20 years in several technical and product leadership positions, with 10+ years focused on mobile technologies. As a TISPAN IPTV standards delegate, she was a key contributor to the IPTV standards specifications. She has 22 patents in the areas of networking and platform security.

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