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An embedded database for offline data access, remote synchronization, and cross-platform deployment.


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Unrivaled Performance

See how well Couchbase Server performs under different workloads.

Couchbase Server Wins on Google

Couchbase Server sustained 1M writes per second on Google Cloud with 50 nodes to deliver a 6x better price / performance ratio than Cassandra.

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Couchbase Server Still Outperforms

Avalon Consulting, LLC. benchmarked MongoDB and Couchbase Server to determine whether or not WiredTiger closed the performance gap.

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Use Cases

Use Cases

Discover how a complete, general-purpose database can be leveraged anywhere.

Profile Management

Maintain user profiles to support authentication, preferences, and more over multiple channels.

Content Management

Manage a variety of static and dynamic content without the limitations of a fixed data model.

Customer 360° View

Aggregate customer information from disparate sources with different schemas within a single database.

Fraud Detection

Enable real-time transaction profiling with low latency access to accounts and fraud detection rules.

Internet of Everything

Collect high volume, high velocity sensor and telemetry data from industrial and consumer devices.

Digital Communication

Support real-time interaction and communication with low latency read/write access to messages.


Ingest clickstream data at high throughput to create and refine millions of visitor profiles.

Mobile Applications

Build mobile apps with offline support via an embedded database and automatic synchronization.


Engage customers by providing low latency access to product or service catalogs, online or in-store.

Real-Time Big Data

Leverage streaming integration with Hadoop and Storm to support and enable real-time analytics.

Customer Success

Find out how enterprises innovate and win with Couchbase.

Our success with ebay Nullam facilisis eu tellus vitae fringilla. Vestibulum non tellus ac ex laoreet suscipit eget ut felis.

eBay scales to 100M+ actives buyers and sellers

John Kanagaraj, Data Architect, discusses how eBay leverages Couchbase Server to handle 2B+ page views per day.

Our success with LinkedIn

LinkedIn scales follow and job services

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Carleton Miyamoto, Senior Staff Software Engineer, discusses how LinkedIn relies on Couchbase Server to power 10 services.

Our success with PayPal

PayPal scales to 1B documents, 10TB of data

Anil Madan, Sr. Director of Engineering, discusses how PayPal leverages Couchbase Server for global, low latency data access.


Trusted by the World’s Biggest Brands

Couchbase Products & Technology

Engineered to meet the elastic scalability, consistent high performance,
always-on availability, and data mobility requirements of
mission critical applications.

Couchbase at LinkedIn

Couchbase Servers powers 10 LinkedIn services with 60 clusters, up to 100 nodes per cluster, in 3 data centers 24x7.