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Couchbase is a geo-distributed cloud-native database that you can easily deploy and manage across any public cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Take advantage of native JSON support, SQL queries, aggregation, elastic scalability, a shared-nothing architecture, and cross datacenter replication, and manage the most powerful NoSQL database technology in any multicloud environment.



Address the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption


Ensuring business continuity

Organizations spend a substantial amount of time planning for unpredictable demand and peak workloads, scaling applications to new geographies using traditional methods, and struggling to meet demand in a cost-effective manner.

Lack of data governance

Today’s "anytime, anywhere" access to data in the cloud can cause challenges for businesses who must enforce authorized access to that data, especially as data crosses geo-boundaries and must comply with the security regulations of different regions.

Vendor lock-in

Enterprises don’t want to be locked-in to any one provider. Vendor flexibility enables enterprises to get price-competitive cloud services and to leverage specific capabilities offered by a particular cloud provider in a given geography.


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Who is on the Couchbase cloud

pfizer logo

Pfizer required a flexible, high-performance database to power Newton (their platform for health applications). Deployed on the AWS cloud, Couchbase supports dozens of applications and provides the flexible and robust indexing needed for Newton’s reporting application. Among other things, Newton provides the backend for Pfizer’s innovative LivingWith™ app.

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viber logo

The Viber app connects more than 1 billion users worldwide via feature-rich audio and video calls and messaging. In order to achieve the highly scalable performance they needed, Viber implemented Couchbase in a multilayered AWS architecture. Now, Couchbase updates user profiles in near-real time, delivering a responsive user experience and processing up to 15 billion events per day.

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Syncthink logo

SyncThink develops innovative technologies that improve concussion assessment and monitoring on the sports field or anywhere else. Using a virtual reality headset and a tablet, their EYE-SYNC platform can identify eye tracking impairment at the scene of an injury. To ensure that the technology works even with spotty connectivity, SyncThink runs it on Couchbase’s mobile platform deployed on Azure.

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Amadeus is the largest processor of travel bookings in the world. By adopting NoSQL, Amadeus was able to maintain its key-value store architecture, while pushing the complexity of data distribution down to the database level. Amadeus uses Couchbase in seven applications that are able to process petabytes of data at upwards of 2.5 million operations per second.

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