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Broadjump delivers next-level client experiences while reducing storage costs with Couchbase

BroadJump is a healthcare sourcing analytics company that helps organizations gain better visibility and control over their expense management to lower costs, operate more efficiently, and improve quality of care. Using advanced pricing models, BroadJump enables customers to save millions by achieving true pricing transparency. BroadJump switched from Cosmos DB to the Couchbase mulitpurpose database in the Azure cloud to gain features, lower costs, integrate JSON analytics, and use familiar SQL queries.

About BroadJump


Reduction in overall storage needs


Improvement in query performance


Reduction in development cycle times


    • Improve query latency for faster performance
    • Reduce workload on operational data nodes
    • Reduce time spent on management processes to speed up innovation cycles


    • Improved query performance for complex queries by 500%
    • Massively parallel processing engine enables the execution of complex queries
    • Consolidated database management cuts development cycle times by over 25%
Couchbase is a trifecta of value. We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once.

Philip Lupercio VP of Technology, BroadJump

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