Moving From Relational to NoSQL whitepaper

Top 3 reasons for choosing Couchbase over Oracle

Cost-effective and flexible deployment options

    Couchbase's node-based licensing typically costs 10-40x less
    Oracle challenge: cost-effective scaling
    than Oracle with its complex per-core based licensing – especially on servers with many cores.

    With a flexible JSON-based data model, developers can build applications with agility, and without slowdowns or downtime needed to manage schemas.

    Couchbase's large-scale persistence also comes with fully integrated memory-first caching
    The requirements of a good caching layer are simplicity and low latency.
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     built-in. It also provides a full mobile stack with an embedded database and sync to deliver online/offline mobile experiences.

Scalable platform with high-performance caching

Couchbase is based on a shared-nothing, masterless architecture and memory-to-memory replication. The result is consistent high-throughput performance with sub-millisecond response times at any scale.

Couchbase's built-in cross data center replication (XDCR) makes it easy to set up active-active bidirectional data flow across multiple data centers. Applications can perform reads and writes to the closest data center, improving data latency and availability.

All the features you expect from RDBMS in NoSQL

Couchbase provides theSQL++ query languageGet the familiarity of SQL with the flexibility of JSON.
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, a SQL-compliant language for working with JSON documents, supporting joins, aggregation, CTEs, ACID transactions, and more.

Only Couchbase provides the flexible data models and ACID guarantees that deliver the performance and high availability you’d expect in modern applications, while still offering the best of the relational world.

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How companies offload Oracle and replace workloads on Couchbase


Amadeus uses Couchbase in applications that process petabytes of data at over 7M operations per second and 300K data requests per booking. With Couchbase, Amadeus is able to handle peak workloads and unexpected spikes while avoiding the cost and complexity of scaling an Oracle relational database.

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As part of its legacy modernization efforts, Marriott is using Couchbase to offload room availability and reservations workloads from a backend mainframe. Making the move to Couchbase enables Marriott to achieve 4K transactions per second on over 30 million documents and offer new services, even as they reduce costs.

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Nuance decided to replace its Oracle relational database with NoSQL because its monolithic environment was expensive to scale and not flexible enough for varied data. MongoDB™ and Cassandra were too hard to manage and lacked key features, but Couchbase was perfect for easy, cost-effective performance at scale and bidirectional replication (for disaster recovery).

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Compare Capella database services

Compare Couchbase Capella™ with other cloud Database-as-a-Service providers like MongoDB’s™ Atlas cloud service and Amazon’s DynamoDB database service. Find out why Couchbase Capella is the best solution for you.