Are you interested in using the familiar SQL language while also benefiting from the flexibility of JSON data? We’ve got a series of three videos that can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Putting the SQL back into NoSQL

The first video is an on-demand webcast that introduces SQL++: how to bring the familiarity of SQL to the speed and flexibility of JSON.

You can learn how to apply your existing SQL skills to start modeling JSON data right away. This webcast includes:

    • How SQL++ eases your transition from relational to NoSQL
    • The basics of SQL++ and the extensions for working with JSON
    • How to start using SQL++ in production with Couchbase Capella™ DBaaS

More SQL++ Samples

The next video is a deeper dive into the capabilities of SQL++ for JSON data, including matching text (LIKE), matching JSON data in arrays (ANY …​ IN …​ SATISFIES …​ END), get advice for indexes (ADVISE, EXPLAIN), and more.

This video shows the Visual Studio Code extension for Couchbase to demonstrate these queries. Subqueries, common table expressions (CTEs), and window functions are also available in SQL++, making complex queries more manageable.

If you’d like to follow along with the examples:

ChatGPT and SQL++

Generative AI like ChatGPT and Capella iQ are helpful tools for creating SQL++ queries. In this video, you’ll see the benefits of over-specifying and providing example data to get the most useful results with the fewest hallucinations. An example workflow might include:

    1. Telling ChatGPT about your model by pasting in example JSON documents.
    2. Running examples that ChatGPT generates to better understand the data.
    3. Asking ChatGPT to generate a query.
    4. Reading the query and explanation.
    5. Trying to query to make sure it works.
    6. Asking ChatGPT to iterate/improve/refine the query.
    7. Asking ChatGPT to generate some client code (C#, Java, Python, etc) to execute the query.
    8. Go back to step 3 for your next set of requirements.

Next Steps

Want to keep going with JSON data and generative AI?


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