I wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking part in the Lead Developer Conference in London on June 24th to present on “ How to deal with the culture divide and internal advocacy within a distributed team


I’m personally excited to speak at {#Lead Dev } because having working from home for almost 5 years and working within a distributed team I have been very fortunate to learn new skills and ways to work and  I’m very happy to share this information with more people! It’s not just the timezone issues, international flights, planning logistics, communication and dealing with different cultural norms, working with teams distributed across the world provides challenges to overcome  but it also is a great way to learn how to work in a  effectively in different direction.

Scaling company culture is hard enough when the majority of your company is in the same office. Nowadays this is rarely the case most of the time you’re split over multiple continents it can seem like a monumental task.  During this talk I will look at break down the cultural challenges faced when working in a distributed team, the cultural communication, and look at some solutions that c you can try in your team and how we have brought these changes to the Developer Advocacy team at Couchbase.

Couchbase Developer Advoacy team regularly take part in conferences and meetups, find out when!


Posted by Laura Czajkowski, Developer Community Manager, Couchbase

Laura Czajkowski is the Snr. Developer Community Manager at Couchbase overseeing the community. She’s responsible for our monthly developer newsletter.

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