This is our Feb drop for Index Advisor service after fixing some of the bugs that were found. We plan to keep improvising the Index Advisor service(What is it?). The fixes in Index Advisor that you would normally see in the next maintenance release will now be available to you every month.

Who is it for? and When should you use it?

At the cost of repeating myself,

This service will provide index recommendations to help DBAs, developers, and architects optimize query performance and meet the SLAs.

You will find this service useful if you:

  1. Want to avoid reading the index creation rules, understand them, and implement them to find the appropriate indexes for your query/queries/workload.
  2.  Do not want to download the latest Couchbase 6.5 server yet.
  3.  Are using an older Couchbase version(version 5.5,6.0) and need help creating the right indexes for your queries.
  4. Want to generate advice for indexes without creating a bucket or uploading the schema or data.

Whats new?

Even if you have the Couchbase Server 6.5 server downloaded and can use Index Advisor from Query Workbench, this index Advisor is a more recent version(without a great looking UI) but with the following defects fixed.

1. Index advise on virtual keyspace

2. Index Advisor to support virtual keyspace for delete/merge/update statement

With both these fixes, a query like

that used to give

now gives

3. Index Advisor to remove identifier in Meta() expression

For a query like:

we would get

Now we have modified that to:

for better usage.

4. Query: Advise function confusing message

A bunch of confusing error messages have been replaced by more verbose and clear explanations.

5. Using advise on a query that has USE index keyword returns incorrect error

used to give

now gives

Some more smaller enhancements have been added as well.

Give it a try and any problems you see with Indexes recommended by Index Advisor Service, you can add them as a comment to this blog

More about the Index Advisor feature:


Posted by Kamini Jagtiani

Kamini Jagtiani is a Senior Engineering Manager for the Query Team at Couchbase R&D. Before Couchbase, Kamini was 7 years at Futurewei as Kernel Architect/Manager and 13 years at IBM Informix as Software Engineer. Kamini has a Bachelors's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Bombay University, India and holds 5 US patents.

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