From the moment we wake up, we create data.

As we go about our day, as our hearts beat, even as we fall asleep, we keep on creating more data. To create data is a fundamental part of the human experience.

It should come as no surprise then that data has become the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Developers and architects need a database that’s flexible and scalable in order to keep up with this exponential growth of data. And business teams need a high-performance database so they can provide better user experiences and make business-critical decisions in real time.

In the second quarter of FY22, enterprise organizations across the globe chose Couchbase to meet these data-driven expectations and to power their modern applications. Here’s why.


Amadeus needed to deliver travel search results at lightning speed 24×7 that contained real-time route and seat availability information matched to the personalized profile of the traveler.

They chose Couchbase for performance, scalability and availability to handle 20 million personalized search operations per second at sub-millisecond latencies. We’ve also helped give them greater developer agility so they spend more time helping customers and innovating more freely for things like merchandising, new distribution capability and loyalty. Couchbase is used in multiple lines of Amadeus’ business, deployed in several public and private clouds.


Pfizer has been on a modernization journey. They selected Couchbase to power their platform for health applications – called Newton – because our modern database delivered on flexibility.

Their application developers easily update, modify and utilize patient data in addition to other high-performance requirements. For them, Couchbase was simple to deploy on the AWS cloud, easily supporting dozens of applications and providing the flexible and robust indexing Pfizer needs for Newton’s reporting application.


In Q2, the Slovak IT company PosAm – a member of Deutsche Telekom Group – adopted Couchbase Cloud on Azure to gain better performance for their city parking system, ParkDots.

ParkDots modernizes the customer experience of finding, paying for and extending a parking spot via their mobile device. For municipalities, they can monitor the occupancy of parking spaces, manage residential parking, control the eligibility of parking and integrate with the payment or information systems of a given city.

National Intelligence

Also in Q2, an international defense ministry selected Couchbase over incumbent MongoDB to serve as the system of truth powering its next-generation national intelligence strategy. Of course this is a very sensitive project.

This win exemplifies our commitment to customer success, our superior performance, flexibility, and ease of development, especially in transitioning this system from MongoDB to Couchbase. Their developers needed a flexible database that easily mapped and moved JSON data objects. This application contains all the attributes in which Couchbase shines: developer-controlled dynamic profiles, real-time updates across distributed systems, and consumption over multiple web and mobile interfaces. This is what modern applications look like.


A large financial services company that has been undergoing modernization efforts expanded with us in Q2 to migrate and power a strategic set of applications that are used for marketing purposes. The applications deliver marketing campaigns and promotions to and on behalf of the company’s global merchants, including more than 10 million merchants in the US alone.

Given their global nature, these applications require 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year uptime, and with Couchbase they efficiently scale and support the exponential increase in offers. They have benefitted from both reduced infrastructure costs and increased application agility delivered by our modern database. We are proud to be such a strategic and trusted partner to this customer.

Northwestern University

Another win this past quarter was Northwestern University’s Catalyst Lab, which selected Couchbase as part of a broader healthtech effort to reduce chronic disease-risk factors by optimizing innovative, technology-supported interventions.

By utilizing health promotion lists, wearable devices and mobile applications, they design, develop and test their interventions to promote weight loss, multiple healthy diet and physical activity changes and smoking cessation via a personalized mobile experience for the wearer.


FICO leverages Couchbase as the user profile management store for their Origination Manager and Falcon Platform, and has renewed its relationship with Couchbase for the next three years.

FICO’s Falcon Platform protects 65% of global accounts against fraud, while FICO Origination Manager is a loan origination management solution designed for lending and financial services institutions.

The Bottom Line

Couchbase powers the most critical moments of our lives: from booking your next trip and protecting your transactions from fraud to finding you a parking spot and tracking your heartbeats.

These critical systems – and many others – underpin the lifeblood of our modern world. Couchbase ensures they keep pumping without fail.

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