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<1 ms

response times with Couchbase's memory-first architecture


application uptime delivered by a complete HA/DR solution


    • Growing number of accounts, cards, and customers means more data needs to be tracked with <ms latency and high throughput
    • Relational systems unable to scale to the required throughput
    • HA/DR solutions not streamlined – needed custom development


    • Memory-first architecture allows <1 ms response times
    • Complete HA/DR solution delivers 24×365 application uptime
    • Neural networking algorithms run on Couchbase and access data as key-value pairs
We looked at Couchbase, we looked at Cassandra, we looked at Mongo. We found that the replication technology across data centers for Couchbase was superior, especially for the large workloads.

Claus Moldt CIO, FICO, Couchbase

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