Couchbase Sponsored the DevoxxFR 2023 conference in Paris, France. I want to thank everyone who came to our booth with their questions and curiosity! It was a pleasure to see you all and to talk to our existing customers as well. We chatted about SQL++ and our DBaaS Couchbase Capella, about ChatGPT of course, and other trendy tech topics. This year we had lots of inquiries about the TCO for NoSQL as well as multi-cloud offerings, sometimes at the same time.

Of course we offered some SWAG if you were visiting our booth. In addition to our usual socks and baseball caps, we also ran a couple of raffles to win Funko Pop Dolls. The winners were picked randomly by running a SQL++ query on the raffle data.

[Random Couchbase fact: to choose a random document, all you have to do is add ORDER BY Random() LIMIT 1 at the end of your query.]

Now the highlight of the event, it had to be Thursday’s Meet & Greet. Members of our team made an appearance on stage during the evening Jam! All while we were serving some beers from my brewery, La Marmotte Masquée. This was a wonderful evening!

The Couchbase team ready to welcome Devoxxians for the Meet & Greet


Raphael Chir from the SE team, rocking the stage

An evening followed by a 3 hours workshop the next day, about Couchbase Capella, Gitlab and Qovery. A very special thanks to all the engaged people that showed up to our Workshop about Stateful On-demand Environment for end-to-end testing. If you are interested about this, you can take the workshop yourself by following the README.

The bulk of the story is, you have an application that requires access to a Couchbase bucket. The production is deployed on AWS, thanks to Qovery, and the main bucket thanks to Couchbase Capella. Then for each merge request created, a Gitlab pipeline starts, a new environment for the application is deployed with Qovery, and a new Scope is created to support it. Then Cypress tests are run on the environment created for the merge request. We will write more about this in the future.

This session unfortunately was not recorded, but there are some recorded sessions on the DevoxxFR YouTube already.

The ephemeral env architecture

We ended up the very busy DevoxxFR 2023 by sponsoring a live recording of Les Castcodeurs, a French podcast inspired by the Java Posse

Thank you DevoxxFR, for having Couchbase be a part of your event, and thank you to all the speakers and everyone who stopped by the Couchbase booth. We’ll see you again soon!


Posted by Laurent Doguin, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

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