Use powerful SQL with Couchbase

SQL++ is SQL for JSON with industry-standard ANSI syntax. SQL++ supports common concepts like ACID transactions, hierarchical schema called scopes, and joins across documents. It also takes advantage of our patented cost-based optimization. Take the tutorial to learn more.

Use SQL++ to overcome tough query challenges

SQL++ key capabilities

SQL++ provides teams with powerful ways to interact with data and develop faster queries to support critical applications.

SQL++: SQL-like queries with the flexibility of JSON

Develop engaging applications with ease using a comprehensive and declarative JSON query language. Developers can rapidly adapt to changing business requirements using a schemaless JSON document store.

Query without compromise, with capabilities you expect from SQL queries

SQL++ is a high-performance NoSQL query language with built-in optimizers and indexer enablers to support millions of concurrent interactions with sub-millisecond latencies. Couchbase’s multi-dimensional architecture uses SQL++ across its query, index, search, and analytics services, partitioning to elastically scale data capacity and deliver accelerated query performance.

Familiar tooling makes query development and optimization a breeze

SQL++ is accessed through the Query Workbench and has a built-in index advice feature that tells the developer what indexes are needed to optimize their query. Flex Index uses the inverted search index from the Full-Text Search Service for complicated query predicates. Couchbase also includes a cost-based optimizer and JavaScript-based user-defined functions to manipulate the resulting data.