Couchbase Server 7.0.2 is Available

A few months ago, I could not wait for the latest release of Couchbase Server.  Its number was seven, and my house number is 77. I felt that seven was a lucky number. But beyond the Seinfeld episode where George is robbed of the name he would bestow upon his offspring, seven is just a number.  In software, three is just a number, too.  But what Microsoft originally taught us about software is still superstition today.  There still exists those superstitious architects who anticipate using the capabilities of the latest release, yet the wait for the third official release of software before they trust it to be hardened.
I am guilty of this hesitation, too, which is why Couchbase is happy to announce that version 7.0.2 is both the latest release and the third release of Couchbase Server 7.  This is not just a compatibility release, it adds late breaking features to the already impressive lineup of capabilities in Server 7.  For example, the release adds analytic visualizations into the management console, and adds a number of security enhancements in connecting to Couchbase Server 7.0.2.

Enforce Security Settings

We have enhanced the security features of Couchbase Server 7.0.2 with new settings to enforce TLS, HTTPS, and IP address family usage when connecting to Couchbase Server.
  • Enforce TLS, a setting that requires all inter-server network traffic to be encrypted such as GUI and CLI connections along with all server metadata and database traffic.
  • HTTP Secure Transport Headers instructs a browser to switch URL access to Couchbase Server to https: instead of unsecured, http:
  • Enforce IP Address family specifies which IP address protocols to allow for connecting to Couchbase Server, and disallow unnecessary ones. supports self-signing of TLS certificates, and…
For a deeper look into these security settings, check out this blog. (Couchbase Server 7.0.x Enforce TLS, HSTS & Enforce IP Address Family)

Charts in the Query and Analytics Workbench

The Query and Analytics Workbench is the graphical interface to Couchbase Server that allows construction and execution of SQL++ queries. in Sever 7.0.2 we have added interactive charting to help developers understand and visualize their working data sets. New visualizations include bar charts, pie and donut charts, X-Y scatter plots, and more. While we still support exporting query data to business intelligence tools like Tableau, providing visualizations directly in the Workbench will help shorten ad-hoc reporting cycles even more. Check out our blog post on data visualization in 7.0.2.

Read the Release Notes

Version 7.0.2 resolves over fifty issues in addition to the features mentioned above. For those who are waiting for the third release of this software, it is ready for you. View the Couchbase Server 7.0.2 release notes.


Posted by Jeff Morris, VP Product Marketing

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