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Couchbase provides a wide variety of self paced online courses as well as in-person (or virtual) training through both Couchbase’s training portal. Advent of open learning platforms enables the community to create suitable courses and publish in platforms like Pluralsight.  PluralSight online training academy have created resourceful training. Below are their most recent training courses on Couchbase published in the past 6 months. This is wonderful for the Couchbase community, customers, developers and DBAs.

Course Duration  Level
Creating and Managing Your First Couchbase Cluster 56m Beginner
Create Couchbase Nodes and Buckets 2h 21m Beginner
Debug and Monitor Functions in Couchbase 2h 21m Intermediate
Create Couchbase Views 2h 35m Intermediate
Manage Couchbase Lite 1h 29m Intermediate
Monitor Couchbase Clusters 2h 21m Advanced
Developer: Analytics
Execute Analytics Queries in Couchbase 2h 5m Advanced
Developer: Eventing
Create a Couchbase Function 2h 32m Beginner
Configure Functions in Couchbase 2h 6m Beginner
Manage Functions in Couchbase 2h 17m Intermediate
Debug and Monitor Functions in Couchbase 2h 21m Intermediate
Developer: N1QL
Query Data from Couchbase Using N1QL 3h 45m Beginner
Filter Data from Couchbase Using N1QL 3h 15m Beginner
Combine and Aggregate Data from Couchbase Using N1QL 3h 6m Intermediate
Improve N1QL Query Performance Using Indexes 4h 26m Intermediate
Modify Data in Couchbase Using N1QL 2h 22m Advanced
Optimize N1QL Queries 3h 7m Advanced

 Let us cover training courses in 3 key service areas: 1) Analytics, 2) Eventing and, 3) N1QL 

Couchbase Analytics

Couchbase Analytics enables companies to measure real-time business operations to derive insights, make agile decisions and expand growth.

Course (2 hrs): Execute Analytics Service in Couchbase

Here’s a brief abstract paraphrased from the course description- Performing operational analytics and deriving business insights to make right business decisions is becoming more and more important. Couchbase analytics service simplifies the task of data analysis. 

The course delves into the implementation of analytics as a separate service in Couchbase and explores the steps needed to set up data for analytics usage, and then focus on running analytics queries using N1QL for Analytics 

The course further dives into a number of clauses which analytics queries can include, the operators which we can make use of as well as the built-in functions which can be invoked to operate on document data. Finally, it covers the use of window functions introduced in release 6.5 to perform analytics operations over partitions of data. 

This course will further help you spot trends in the underlying data, prepare the data for visualizations, and ultimately help your organization make the right business decisions based on an analytical and data-driven approach.

Couchbase Eventing

The Couchbase Eventing service allows us to respond to and act upon mutations, i.e. changes made to data via inserts, updates, and deletions/expirations.  Eventing Functions are infrastructure-less business logic applications written in JavaScript running on Couchbase’s scalable Eventing service. The Eventing service supports Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and can scale (both vertically and horizontally) independently of other Couchbase services. The PluralSight online training academy has published four (4) key training modules on the Couchbase Eventing Service. 

Course: (2.5 hours) Create a Couchbase Function
Course: (2.0 hours) Configure Functions in Couchbase
Course: (2.3 hours) Manage Functions in Couchbase
Course: (2.3 hours) Debug and Monitor Functions in Couchbase

In the final module in the series, Debug and Monitor Functions in Couchbase, you’ll do a deep dive into the role of debugging in function development and the various options available to monitor functions throughout their life cycle.  First, you’ll begin by introducing you to the Couchbase Eventing service and then create two simple eventing functions – one with an OnUpdate handler and another with an OnDelete handler.  Next, You’ll then explore how bugs in the function code can be identified using the built-in Couchbase debugger. This will cover the steps involved in activating the debugger, and use of the standard debug tools such as breakpoints and watch expressions. We also take a look at exception handling with try-catch blocks.  Finally, You’ll move on to the logging options available in Couchbase for the eventing service. This includes the application and system logs for functions, but also the audit feature which allows additional activities to be recorded.  Furthermore, we use the explicit logging feature to generate logs and statistics to share with other teams – this includes the option to redact sensitive data from the log files. Once you have finished this course, you will be well-versed in the options available to manage an eventing function in Couchbase throughout its life – from development to monitoring and maintenance.


Couchbase Query 

Course:  Query Data from Couchbase Using N1QL
Course: Filter Data from Couchbase Using N1QL
Course: Combine and Aggregate Data from Couchbase Using N1QL
Course : Modify Data in Couchbase Using N1QL
Course : Optimize N1QL Queries
Course : Improve N1QL Query Performance Using Indexes

PluralSight courses on N1QL, a SQL language for Couchbase JSON database, offers developers a good introduction to how N1QL works with a schemaless document oriented database. If you are familiar with SQL, you will quickly see how N1QL extends the most popular database query language to allow developers to access and manipulate JSON documents that can be relational, as well as hierarchical/nested structure of JSON.

PluralSight courses also cover more advanced content to enable you to succeed in getting the query performance that meets the need for your application. The course covers the Couchbase index fundamentals from the basic Primary index, to the more flexible Global Secondary Indexes features. The course also covers how to deploy your indexes in a distributed configuration for high availability and load balancing.

Couchbase Data Platform


Overall, training provided by PluralSight is top-notch, effective and empowers technical skills growth with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Couchbase data platform. Thanks to Binh Le, Jon Strabala & Keshav Murthy for contributing to this post.


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