Couchbase Cloud Self-Service Free Trial Now Available!

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of the Couchbase Cloud Self-Service Free Trial on Couchbase Cloud 1.3. This release is a significant milestone for our Cloud platform, further expanding on our capabilities in the Cloud with the inclusion of Analytics and Eventing Services on Couchbase 6.6. With this release, Couchbase Cloud now supports all Couchbase Server Services, allowing you to create powerful applications and perform analysis at scale.

The Self-Service Trials are just that – self-service – as in “no formal request process or sales engagement up front”. Anyone can easily signup for a free 30 day trial without the need of a credit card – only a valid corporate email is required. Couchbase Cloud is then deployed to your own AWS account into your VPC. Once deployed, you can take advantage of all the great functionality in the service, including the newest features such as Analytics and Eventing.

A First-Timers Guide Book To Couchbase Cloud

When you consider adopting any powerful cloud technology, especially those with enterprise level scale and sophistication, getting your feet wet can sometimes be a challenge – how do you evaluate the technology with the lowest expenditure of time and effort? where do you start? what do you do next? The quicker you can test important features, the quicker your evaluation goes, and time is everything.

With the “newbie” perspective in mind, we set out to document the quickest path to learning the basics of Couchbase Cloud, getting you going on the free trial and exposing you to important features in the shortest possible timeframe. The result is the Couchbase Cloud “First Timers” Tutorial Series, which walks you through the free trial setup process and gives you step-by-step instructions to connecting applications and leveraging features. For example, did you know that Couchbase Cloud comes with 3 sample databases that allow you to experience working with JSON document-based data immediately? No more wasting time spinning up your own sample data, we give you the ability to start testing features immediately, saving you precious time. What’s even better is that the sample databases all work with our SDK sample applications, so you can see from the inside out how Couchbase helps application development. The tutorial series will walk you through these and other features and is designed to give you a simple yet thorough tour of Couchbase Cloud capabilities. Note that the tutorials are not intended to be deep dives into concepts or granular functionality (the Couchbase online docs site is chock full of more details on every feature), the goal of this series is to guide you to quick wins that can serve as examples for your own Couchbase Cloud use cases.

For a step-by-step guide on how to get your free trial going and get your first cloud and cluster deployed, check out the first tutorial in the series “Get Started with Couchbase Cloud Free Trial“, see for yourself just how easy it is to get started for free!

We hope you enjoy the tutorial series, and look forward to your success with Couchbase Cloud!

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Posted by Mark Gamble, Dir Product & Solutions Mktg, Couchbase

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