As Couchbase continues to make it easier for customers to modernize their applications in the cloud, I’m thrilled to announce Capella’s support for Google Cloud. Capella is Couchbase as a service, and it enables developers and teams to more quickly, simply, and affordably build and run enterprise applications. With Google’s global cloud infrastructure network, developers and architects can work together to build and scale applications wherever they need them, supported by fully managed Couchbase Capella clusters.

Today, customers gain more flexibility on where they can deploy Capella, greater alignment between their applications and their data, and better support for their hybrid/multicloud strategies from a single database platform.

How is Capella different from other DBaaS offerings?

Capella is fast

With an integrated high-performance cache, our memory-first architecture ensures the same lightning-fast results for the millionth user as for the first. With a distributed cluster design that’s both masterless and asynchronous, results can be delivered at scale in single-digit milliseconds. Advanced replication and synchronization technologies allow for data to be distributed reliably across the globe and to the edge, with high availability and speedy disaster recovery – ensuring no single point of failure. Learn more.

Capella is flexible

At the core of Capella is a JSON document data store that allows data to be aligned to the application design and to change rapidly to meet a developer’s needs. JSON documents bring multiple types of data together, reducing the need for joins and improving performance. JSON is great for things like rapidly changing user profiles and complex catalog entries. Additionally, Capella has integrated capabilities like full-text search, eventing, and operational analytics, so teams don’t need to bolt on extra technologies. Learn more.

Capella is familiar

Queries of data within Capella are done using our SQL++ query language, which is SQL-92 compatible. SQL++ supports a wide range of advanced query syntax, including multi-document ACID transactions and analytic functionality. Developers benefit from SDKs in over 10 languages and improved query performance with our patented cost-based optimizer. Learn more.

Capella is affordable

Capella uses our in-memory architecture with the elastic scaling of the cloud to deliver the best price-performance of any DBaaS. Plus, with automated management for tasks like setup, backups, scaling, upgrades, and ongoing management, customers can drastically reduce their operational costs. Learn more

“With Capella on Google Cloud, we offer flexible multi-model access and data structure capabilities that allow customers to develop with agility for an even broader set of use cases, all from a single vendor. Our customers look to Couchbase to help make their modernization strategies a reality, and we’ve seen strong demand from our customers for Capella on Google Cloud. Extending Couchbase Capella to Google Cloud means we can accelerate growth and product innovation at scale for even more customers, giving them the flexibility to go across cloud service providers.

– Scott Anderson, SVP of Product Management and Business Operations, Couchbase

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Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

Tim Rottach is Director of Product Line Marketing at Couchbase.

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