During our recent first quarter fiscal 2025 earnings call, we were proud to share all that we accomplished in the quarter. We continue to see momentum with our as-a-service offering, Couchbase Capella, and saw wins across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, fintech, healthcare, retail, telco and gaming. 

Couchbase’s foundation will always be our ability to support mission-critical applications for our customers, and we are excited to share some of the customer momentum from the quarter. 

Here are some of the Capella customer highlights:

Mediaocean is an advertising services and software company. This customer leverages Couchbase for its global Ad Serving application, Flashtalking, that marketers use to personalize their customer experiences while maintaining flexibility, independence, and data ownership. Mediaocean needed a high performing database to support content management for a large amount of data and selected Capella because of the platform’s performance and scalability.

Pixability is a video advertising software and insights company that leverages Couchbase for an internal application requiring video data storage that can be accessed in real time at a fast speed. This customer needed a flexible database to store about 20 million YouTube channels and chose Capella for its superior performance and flexibility.

Venu is a social networking company with a meetup application for users to foster experiences via social media and help people find, make and share social plans. This customer needed a high performance, flexible database that can scale and complete a lot of transactions at once. Venu chose Capella because it needed a fully managed service so that the team could focus on growing the company and developing the product.

Talentsky is a professional networking and skill sharing platform, and Couchbase is the main data store for profile management. This customer needed a highly flexible database and is migrating to Capella for greater flexibility and to further improve TCO.

In addition to Capella customer momentum, Couchbase Enterprise continues to power mission-critical applications for our customers. Here are some Enterprise customer stories from the quarter: 

Chamberlain Group, a global leader in intelligent access, leverages Couchbase for its myQ software ecosystem of access solutions. Chamberlain decided to expand its investment in Couchbase because of the database’s superior performance and reliability.

Couchbase powers Verizon ThingSpace, an innovative end-to-end IoT development platform that helps enterprise customers build and deploy IoT solutions. Verizon originally needed a database with high availability and superior performance to provide real-time visibility and status of the IoT devices to customers. Verizon expanded its investment in Couchbase and is planning to consolidate multiple databases into Couchbase to simplify database administration and further reduce TCO.

Another expansion from the quarter came from Rakuten Viber. Couchbase has been at the core of Rakuten Viber’s remarkable journey from a popular messaging and calling app to a super app serving hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Initially seeking a database solution to accommodate rapid growth, Rakuten Viber’s evolution into a multifaceted platform demanded scalability and reliability at enterprise levels. With Couchbase, Rakuten Viber not only sustains its messaging and calling services but also pioneers innovations in small business management and fintech. Today, Couchbase orchestrates millions of operations per second, empowering Rakuten Viber’s mission to connect and empower users globally.


We’re thankful for another great quarter and the opportunity to share how our customers are building their modern applications with Couchbase.

If you’re interested in learning why over 30% of the Fortune 100 trust Couchbase to power their applications, be sure to start your 30 day free trial of Couchbase Capella today. And for more examples of what our customers are doing with Couchbase, check out our customer case study page.


Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Couchbase

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