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After 10 years at University of Paris 6 (France) where she worked in the database team on replication, consistency, XML, p2p, syndication and mobile projects, Cecile decided to move on and start a new life experience in industry. Cecile joined the architect team of a small company called Oceane Consulting to develop document management projects. She is now a Solutions Architect at Couchbase and very happy to be involved both on the technical field and sales.

Couchbase Full Text (CBFT) for Content Management

Full Text Search (FTS) is a main capability of Content Management systems to search both content and metadata associated to the content. In a previous blog, I already discussed about a new fully scalable architecture for Content Management using Apache Chemistry...

Storing Blobs in Couchbase for Content Management

This blog was originally posted on Cecile Le Pape's personal blog. To see to original blog post, click here.    In my previous post, I talked about how to setup a flexible content management service using Couchbase as the metadata repository,...