What’s New in Version 4.5?

Couchbase Server is built to be a general purpose databases that supports web, mobile and IoT  applications. It is critical for modern applications to have the agility to develop and iterate fast on their code and for the database to provide the best deployment model for any scale the application needs. These are the core capabilities of Couchbase Server!

Developing Database Applications with Agility;

  • Data modelling flexibly with JSON and without the restrictions of relational tables and layers of object-relational mappings.
  • Combine the best parts of SQL and NoSQL together, fusing JSON and SQL into N1QL for powerful queries over big data.

Deploy Applications of Any Scale:

  • Industry leading query performance achieved through rich indexing that can deliver an up-to-date index under massive number of updates/sec (100Ks) to your data.
  • Achieve unprecedented performance by consolidating the caching tier and database tier into one. Sub-millisecond latencies come built in, without ever requiring a caching tier for the database.

The Couchbase Server 4.5 release builds on top of the foundation and includes key innovations that smooth the transition from relational to NoSQL and extend the industry-leading performance of Couchbase Server. Let’s take a deeper dive:

Simplifying Transition from SQL to NoSQL

N1QL, the SQL-dialect for Couchbase Server, eases transition from relational databases. In version 4.5, we have made a multitude of improvement to simplify query development and security compliance with Couchbase Server.

  • Amazing new tools to develop queries with N1QL. Integrated query workbench with auto-complete, command line on steroids, and enhanced query monitoring capabilities.
  • New Bucket Analyzer provides smart schema discovery with data types and data distribution stats.

  • Preview of the new Full-text Search capabilities and the new Full-text Search Service.
  • Compliance with Security Requirements is simplified with added Security Roles and certificate rotation facilities.

High Performance Data Access and Query

There are multiple improvements to data, index and query services in this release to improve performance. Particularly, data access and query execution performance and scalibility have been enhanced dramatically with version 4.5.

  • Higher Performance on YCSB workloads measuring data access (YCSB workload A) and query performance (YCSB workload E). The runs show that Couchbase Server is 6x faster on Workload A and 3.7x faster on query workloads. You can deeper into the benchmark details here.

  • Partial Document Reads and Writes: JSON data access is >10X faster with partial document read and writes in version 4.5.

  • MOI: New Memory-Optimized secondary global secondary index delivers query results 20X faster! The new indexing technology combines lock-free index maintenance with skiplist indexes for high concurrency index operations.

  • N1QL can now index arrays more effectively to deliver much faster results. The illustration below shows the new CREATE INDEX statement that can index the movie names in in the document in the figure below.

  • With N1QL’s new enhanced JOINs, queries using JOINs can notice >10X better latencies in their executions due to better pushdown of filters. The example below shows the same JOIN operation in 4.5 vs 4.1 with their execution plans. The new JOIN syntax allows pushing filter earlier in the execution plan and optimizes the JOIN.

  • Docker provides high performance container technology for agile & portable deployments. Docker has been available for use in development and test environments in earlier versions. With Couchbase Server 4.5, Docker containers in production deployments are fully supported as well!

There is more, and You can find the full list of what’s new here in the documentation.

We are super excited to deliver this new release and love to hear your feedback. Please let us know by dropping a comment below on what new features you like and what else you’d like to see in upcoming releases of Couchbase Server.




Posted by Cihan Biyikoglu, Director of Product Management, Couchbase

Cihan Biyikoglu is a director of product management at Couchbase, responsible for the Couchbase Server product. Cihan is a big data enthusiast who brings over twenty years of experience to Redis Labs’ product team. Cihan started his career as a C/C++ developer.

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