You can't harness the power of big data with a product. You need a solution, and a toolbox.

While every solution is different, the requirements are the same: ingest high velocity data, store large volumes of it, and extract information from it — and the faster, the better.

The most innovative solutions stream operational data to and from analytical platforms.

You'll need a scalable, high performance database. What else? That's up to you.



Accelerate your Spark workloads and publish results using Couchbase Server. Add ETL, analytics and machine learning to your Couchbase applications. Full support for Spark Core, Spark SQL and Spark Streaming.

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Use Couchbase as either a consumer or producer with Kafka message queues. Continuously stream data from Couchbase to Kafka as it is written or continuously persist data to Couchbase via Kafka.

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Combine Hadoop’s big data scalable data processing with Couchbase Server’s operational data centric applications. Built-in support for Sqoop, Storm, etc. Co-developed with Cloudera and certified by Hortonworks.

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Build richer, more powerful applications with full-text and geospatial search, querying, and analytics over both text and JSON documents by enabling Couchbase to Elasticsearch replication with a simple plugin.

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Hadoop, Storm