I am pleased to announce the first ever NoSQL Database Podcast episode hosted by Couchbase. The episode is titled NoSQL in the Perspective of Industry Leaders and focuses on a lot of introductory material for NoSQL in general.

In the episode I am joined by Perry Krug from Couchbase, Tim Berglund from DataStax, and Srini Penchikala from InfoQ. These three guests are thought leaders in the NoSQL database industry and offer a ton of useful insight to anyone learning NoSQL or databases in general.

Topics in this podcast episode include the history of NoSQL, what makes it different from a relational database, and what companies are using NoSQL database for. Have you ever wondered why companies use NoSQL in their technology stack? These are the types of common questions that get answered in this episode.

Episode #1 of The NoSQL Database Podcast has been published to Pocket Casts, and iTunes. In addition it can be heard for free below.

NDP – Episode 1 – NoSQL in the Perspective of Industry Leaders

If you have questions for any of the guest speakers or the podcast itself, please send them to devadvocates@couchbase.com and they’ll be responded to either through email or on a later podcast episode.


Posted by Nic Raboy, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

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