Power your IoT data management solutions

Manage, support, and drive real-time data insights at the edge

The explosion of data generated from devices and machines at the edge requires a data management solution that can manage those systems as well as capture and sync data securely. However, today’s solutions that rely on connected architectures (such as RESTful Web Services) do not meet the availability, performance, and security needs of today’s IoT applications. The Couchbase Data Platform provides full-featured embedded and cloud databases, seamless sync from cloud to edge, big data integrations, and guaranteed data availability, irrespective of network connectivity.


Supporting and scaling complex systems


Typical IoT architectures include many different data storage technologies to capture, ingest, process, analyze, and serve data from thousands of endpoints to applications and customers, which translates to complex systems and point solutions that need managing.

With Couchbase:
Simplify and scale IoT data management


Eliminate database sprawl with one single platform that spans IoT applications and devices. Couchbase manages and syncs IoT data from any cloud to every edge, allowing you to capture billions of data points and scale to support any number of endpoints.



Data availability and device connectivity

It’s hard to architect IoT data management solutions that can capture the massive amounts of data being generated at the edge, derive insights from that data in real time, manage that data even if there’s no network availability, and sync that data back to a central datastore.

With Couchbase:
Always-on availability and connectivity


Capture massive amounts of unstructured IoT data at the edge with a flexible data model and ensure seamless data sharing across users and devices (including peer-to-peer), online and offline with fast, efficient bidirectional data sync from the edge to the cloud.

Security at the edge


Data security outside the cloud, such as over the web and on devices, is hard to define and contain, especially if you also have to manage data flowing in from other sources.

With Couchbase:
Secure edge data with ease


Safeguard your company’s IoT data with built-in enterprise-grade security from cloud to edge. With Couchbase, you can manage access control and maintain security of your data, even at the edge.

Industry Use Cases

catalog & inventory management


Build robust manufacturing/logistics applications that power device management, smart factory, remote asset tracking, and more.

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customer 360


Leverage IoT devices to deliver personalized offers to shoppers in real time, collect customer data, and more.

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catalog & inventory management


Power your Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications that include wearables data collection, healthcare device management, activity logging, and more.

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catalog & inventory management

Media & Entertainment

Support millions of endpoints/devices to push out content, collect data, and more.

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Reference Architecture



A reference architecture built with the Couchbase Data Platform shows an IoT Management application synchronizing data from remote endpoints and allowing that data to be stored, analyzed and served in real-time over the web or back out to the edge.




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