What makes Capella App Services different?

App Services provides a hosted gateway for bidirectional data sync between Capella and embedded apps on smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. It’s developer friendly and supports the widest array of mobile platforms, devices, and decentralized cloud environments in the industry.

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Capella App Services key capabilities

App Services provides data sync between the cloud and apps running on edge devices. It instantly replicates data changes across the app ecosystem whenever there’s a connection. During network disruptions, apps continue to operate using the embedded Couchbase Lite database.

Easy to build for developers

Capella is a one-stop shop for developers who can use SQL, SDKs, and extensive platform and language support to build fast and resilient mobile apps that seamlessly sync from the cloud to edge devices and deliver offline-first data access, peer-to-peer sync, and automatic data conflict resolution.

Easy to manage for architects

Deploy and manage both the DBaaS and mobile sync services through a single easy-to-use interface. App Services connects to edge and mobile devices, facilitating data synchronization and making it easier to manage application backends from the cloud to the edge.

Support more mobile use cases

Managing the synchronization gateway through App Services dramatically expands the kinds of business-to-employee and business-to-consumer application use cases that Capella can support, including gaming, field employee support, and customer experience.

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Capella App Services data sync demo

See cloud-to-edge and device-to-device data sync in action.

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