What makes Sync Gateway different?

Sync Gateway is a secure and feature-rich data sync solution for mobile and IoT applications. You can choose to sync data on demand or in real time subject to network availability. And built-in delta sync ensures only the data that has changed is synced.

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Sync Gateway Key Capabilities

Sync Gateway is the synchronization server in a Couchbase Mobile deployment. It’s designed to provide data sync for large-scale interactive web, mobile, and IoT applications. Sync Gateway supports multi-tiered hierarchical sync topologies to fit any cloud-to-edge architecture.

Cloud-to-edge sync

Securely sync mobile apps from cloud to edge. Couchbase provides security of data between your web, mobile, and IoT apps running Couchbase Lite and your backend Couchbase Server, as well as between cloud and edge data centers, including Couchbase Capella.

Built-in data integration APIs

Use secure RESTful APIs for accessing and managing data over the web and webhooks to integrate with external web clients, data stores, and services.

Robust security

Enforce read and write access from the Scopes and Collections level down to individual user and role. Admin REST API enforces authentication and role-based access control by default. Take advantage of third-party Open ID Connect providers or bring in custom providers.

Elastically scalable in real time

Vertically and horizontally scale Sync Gateway nodes to handle changes in capacity demands. Apply tunable read and write scaling options to meet performance demands.

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